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Trump Wants To Terminate NAFTA And Replace It With USMCA ? Which Is UN Agenda 2030 in Disguise

Summary by JW Williams

Journalist Gary Gileno analyzes Trump’s new USMCA agreement that is steeped in the United Nations Sustainable Development program that is based on global warming alarmism. Gileno explains that UN Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development is implemented at the local level while UN Agenda 2030 implements world government on the international level. Agenda 21 takes resources that are abundant and makes them appear to be scarce, in order to justify rationing resources such as water and energy. Trump’s new agreement advances UN Sustainable Development and the word “sustainable” is allover his document in chapter 24, the environmental section of the USMCA treaty even though Trump says that he is against control by the United Nations and that he doesn’t believe in climate change.

The point of the new agreement is to change the governing structure of the United States from a constitutional republic with representatives who legislate on behalf of the citizens to rule by unelected bureaucrats sitting on international boards and commissions, centralizing one world government. New international committees will supersede Congress.

Accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors, architects, researchers and every other business professional will be allowed to flood into the US to take over jobs in the US which already has employment problems and Americans who are homeless.

Rosa Koire points out that the goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development program is the loss of sovereignty and private property, which includes control over your body and mind.

Gary’s critics claim that NAFTA is worse and that the USMCA agreement is a less harmful replacement because the president is not able to get rid of NAFTA, it must be done by Congress. Critics point to Trump removing the US from the Paris Acord, the TPP the UN Migration Compact and other UN treaties and believe that Trump is still against the New World Order.

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