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TV Reader's Digest The Brainwashing Of John Hayes

TV Reader's Digest is the title of a 30-minute American television anthology drama series which aired on the ABC from 1955 to 1956. Its theme music was "Polonaise" from Act III of Eugene Onegin, an Opera by Tchaikovsky.

Based on articles that appeared in Reader's Digest magazine, the episodes based on true stories which were varied in their themes, plots and content. Themes included crime, heroism, mystery, romance, and human interest. Episode writers included Frederick Hazlitt Brennan, Cleveland Amory, and Frank Gruber.

Some of the actors who were cast in the episodes included: Claude Akins, Leon Askin, Jean Byron, Chuck Connors, Peter Graves, Tod Griffin, John Howard, Vivi Janiss (as Mary Todd Lincoln in "How Chance Made Lincoln President"), Lee Marvin, Francis McDonald, Martin Milner, Jerry Paris, Gene Raymond, Max Showalter, and Michael Winkelman.

The Brainwashing of John Hayes

Season 2, Episode 4

Original Air Date: November 7, 1955

W. M. Hayes' son John D. Hayes (1888–1957), continued to work as a missionary and English teacher in China until he was arrested and tried as a spy in 1951. After 10 months in jail, he was expelled from China.[9] His trial in China was the topic of an article ("The Brainwashing of John Hayes", written by Frederic Sondern, Jr) published in Readers Digest (July 1955) and a television drama of the same title (teleplay by George Bruce, aired on TV Reader's Digest by ABC on 7 November 1955) in which Hayes was portrayed by the actor Vincent Price.

Psychological warfare, Brainwashing, Hunter, Edward., 1902-1978. Brainwashing in Red China

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