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Sovietesque on Conspiracy Cafe

Calls for Martial law to clean the SWAMP. Secret biological warfare research in Tbilisi. Russians are targeted. Montreal is hosting CUE 2018 the five eyes intelligence agency game with urban warfare and sniper training. Blasey Ford is deeply mired in Big Pharma. Present occupiers of Israel not the seed of Abraham. NWO worships Baal. Google fixing votes. AI war at Sunspot. Russian plane shoot down to close skies. Marine Le Pen ordered to psychiatric tests over ISIS tweet. How Sovietesque.

Executive anti-trust order for Google and FacebookRules for Radicals. Rosenstein's wire. Wasn't that a party no memories. Russian drills in Crimea. Israeli fighters took 'cover.' Missile launches from French ship. Yellowstone getting anxious. Assange: Last free generation. Next recession a collapse? MH370 report 'doctored.' Prozac moments fuel gun crimes. No thinking allowed. Armageddon

Posted by George Freund on September 26, 2018 at 8:30 AM 605 Views