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Sunspot whats happening ? Reporter enters

As a followup to our widely circulated analysis on the mysterious evacuation of the Sunspot Solar Observatory complex that looks over White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, I wanted to post this video of a Youtuber driving up to the taped off entry and proceeding to walk all around the totally deserted compound.

The video is outright eerie. Nobody was there, not even a security guard. The only thing moving was a small drone he spotted overhead. Who was controlling that drone is unknown. Maybe the most bizarre moment, albeit in a coincidental way, is when he spots an X-files: Unrestricted Access DVD laying out prominently in one of the buildings.

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My comment stays the same.

Chris Smith was the former head of AURA that was responsible for the observatory. He has gone to Chile. Amazon and Google are in an AI war. The largest part of Amazon is AWS Amazon Web Service. Cloud is passe. They have advanced to astroweb. AI is fundamental in the project. Like other AI projects it is possible they got out of the box and started to take control of the facilities. One of the only defenses would be to cut all power and internet connect to isolate the AI and try to remove it. You wouldn't want the locals to get the word out.;

The X Files clue is for Season 11 Episode 7.

A machine learning chatbot is released to the public via Twitter. It very quickly evolves and is ultimately switched off. The sequence of visual montages ends with a warning to all humans and blends to the usual intro.

Elon Musk says humanity is trapped in real life MATRIX

You smelled smoke. The smoking man is the main villain in the new X Files. He's trying to genocide the human race.

Episode 7 is the AI attack on humanity. Very close for comfort. There are drones in Episode 7 as well.

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