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The Long Narrow Path Conspiracy Cafe on Conspiracy Cafe 2011-02f-10

Another blast from the past at the That Channel studios February 10, 2011. What a sermon!

Isaiah 24:18 New International Version (NIV)

Whoever flees at the sound of terror

will fall into a pit;

whoever climbs out of the pit

will be caught in a snare.

The floodgates of the heavens are opened,

the foundations of the earth shake.

SPECIAL NEWS ALERT: The road to Cheyenne mountain has been closed. That's the NORAD bunker folks.

What the Bible says about terror being a pit and a snare, Daniel's vision of ten super states unfolding by regime change, the covert arts and sciences as applied in Egypt - Lights, Camera, War; Google exec's role in 'the revolution'; U.S. picks torturer in CIA rendition program to lead 'democratic' Egypt; President's special envoy son of notorious CIA man tells Mubarak to stay; pipeline explosion classic false flag; Israeli Defence Chief says we're in WWIII; the Muslim bruderschaft better in the original German; massive reserves off Palestine; Lahore shootout souring U.S Pakistan relations; Canadian spy union takes out ads to cry foul; the North American Union deal a lot like Egypt elites ruling in secret; Gates drops bombshell in vaccine interview - reduce population growth; fish die off; sharks swarm; Betelgeuse to pop; TTC filmer attacked; were they secret agents? Take the long, narrow path Conspiracy Cafe.

Everybody's been going Niburu on the second star in the sky. Guess what? It was Betelgeuse.

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