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Secret Agent Selection S1 EP3

We may be faced with a fake alien invasion or a plethora of zombies running amok on society. If you need special forces to deal with such matters, these selection and training methods will go a long way to prepare your local SOE. It's the ultimate in preparation. Enjoy.


In episode three students are trained in behind enemy lines survival techniques. They have to tolerate the cold. None realize the key is an old technique called bundling. You combine body heat. Two or three bodies lying together generate and preserve more heat. Don't be shy. If you're executed, you'll be buried together in a mass grave. So get used to each other. 

The ford a body of cold water, scale a cliff, learn to move silently at night and advance stealthily upon a sentry. All proper skills behind eneny lines. 

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a British World War II organisation. It was officially formed on 22 July 1940 under Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton, from the amalgamation of three existing secret organisations. Its purpose was to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe (and later, also in occupied Southeast Asia) against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements.

One of the organisations from which SOE was created was also involved in the formation of the Auxiliary Units, a top secret "stay-behind" resistance organisation which would have been activated in the event of a German invasion of Britain.

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