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SPACE "Object" Like "Nothing Seen Before"

AT2018cow (ATLAS name: ATLAS18qqn; also known as Supernova 2018cow, SN 2018cow, and "The Cow") is a powerful astronomical explosion (discovery magnitude 14.739; redshift 0.014145), 10-100 times brighter than a normal supernova, spatially coincident with galaxy CGCG 137-068, approximately 200 million ly (60 million pc) distant in the Hercules constellation. It was first detected on 16 June 2018 at 10:35:02 UTC by the ATLAS-HKO telescope at the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii. The explosion, with a surface temperature of over 8900°C and traveling 20,000 km/s (12,000 mi/s), may be a cataclysmic variable star (CV), gamma-ray burst (GRB), gravitational wave (GW), supernova (SN), or something else. According to astronomer Kate Maguire of Queen's University Belfast: "It really just appeared out of nowhere. There are other objects that have been discovered that are as fast, but the fastness and the brightness, that's quite unusual."

By 22 June 2018, this transient astronomical event had generated significant interest among astronomers throughout the world.[9] At least 24 major telescopes were observing the event, the largest number of concurrent observations of any astronomical event reported on The Astronomer's Telegram. The event has been tentatively identified as a supernova and given the designation Supernova 2018cow and classification SN Ic-BL. However, according to Maguire: "We're not sure yet what it is, but the normal powering mechanism for a supernova is radioactive decay of nickel, and this event is too bright and too fast for that."

On 25 June 2018, astronomers noted on The Astronomer's Telegram: "AT2018cow has faded every night since our first observations ([19 June 2018, reference]). ... [Our reported] observations suggest that although a link to Ic-BL SNe and GRBs remains credible given the smooth spectra and luminous radio and X-ray counterpart ([references]), AT2018cow is distinct in other ways and its true identity remains unclear. Observations are continuing."

ATLAS18qqn (AT2018cow) - a bright transient spatially coincident with CGCG 137-068 (60 Mpc)

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