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We will be interviewing the wife of a liberal MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) who she alleges laundered billions of dollars of ill gotten gains through 150 off shore accounts. This was one of the most contentious cases in Ontario's courts. Of course, it happened before the release of the Panama Papers whic resulted in the assassination of the primary reporter seeking justice in Malta. The further revelations of The Paradise Papers reveal even further abuses that MSM refuses to accentuate. What people fail to understand is that even the maligned Donald Trump will not be outed as an off shore titan in league with an international conspiracy of many others. The label of liberal or conservative is just a meaningless label. I've always referred to elections as tag team looting.

What has our new Prime Minister accomplished since being elected:

St. Kitts and Nevis is a hive of Canadian activity. Put your search name into the OFFSHORE LEAKS DATABASE by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and see what you find. They headline various rougues as pictured above. That doesn't imply guilt. It just shows where their hearts and funds are. Then you must dig further. We can call it THE PARADISE GAME NOT ONLY IN PANAMA.


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