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Tommy Robinson 'brawls with masked left-wing extremists' outside McDonald's

Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, filmed the alleged attack

He claims that he, his camerawoman and another cameraman were attacked

Robinson heard asking the masked group 'do you not want to do it one on one'

He manages to land a few blows himself before being swept off his feet

PUBLISHED: 20:38 EDT, 10 March 2018 | UPDATED: 21:52 EDT, 10 March 2018

EDL founder Tommy Robinson filmed the moment he claims he was attacked by a group of 'left-wing extremists' outside a McDonald's in Harringay, London.

The right-wing former English Defence League leader, his camerawoman and another cameraman appear to be set upon by a group of around seven masked men at a retail park in north London.

In the video, Robinson can be heard asking if they wanted to go 'one on one' before punches and kicks are thrown from both sides.


Where were the police? Watching on the side. It's hard to get the hands out of your pockets. You might be keeping the graft warm. This is the stand down order at its best. You sell your soul and your dignity for a short lifetime of privilege at the expense of eternity.

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