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We enter the void within the looking glass and see things are not as they appear. Worse still things are not as they are reported by the new kids on the block promising to be the sacred source concealed within the tentacles of the deep state. There was a tragic plane crash in Russia. All aboard perished. Immediately the drums started beating from the new primary source Q. The former CFO of Rosatom and the source for the Trump dossier were killed in the crash. Fingers were immediately pointed at the Clinton mafia. However, something didn't look right to this reporter. The names were the same, but the middle name was not. The date of birth appeared incorrect as well.

Ivanov Vyacheslav 22.06.1986 Middle name Anatol'yevich

That's quite the middle name. It wasn't to be found on line. Then the Rosatom Vyacheslav posted his picture going into Starbucks alive and well. The other person of interest was Panchenko Sergey 28.03.1973. There were 40 just on LinkedIn. Then they added a middle name of Millian which could add to the prospects. From this we see definitive proof that our alternative news gurus are not what they claim to be. I've always believed that, but I stand in front of the tidal waves of fools and their follies. Flat earth testimonials.

Another fake news story making the rounds was Justin Trudeau being the love child of Fidel Castro. It's a too good to be true lie that has mass appeal. The tryst was supposed to have occurred in 1970. Justin was born Christmas Day 1971. That's some gestation period. So the laws of logic come into play. Was Justin a 12 month plus gestation period? I think not ergo the story is false no matter how much sugar is applied. So the sources of lies are not to be trusted. They lost their credibilty. That is the twist in these times.

Close but no cigar.

The apparition has appeared in the heavens through the turbulent times in human history. It was with Moses. It was seen on the battlefields of WWI. It was just seen in Russia. It is the penultimate sign from heaven above, but it is a trivial revelation compared to the steamy gossip humans crave so dearly. It is clearly obvious few if any, will ascend to heaven even the very elect. Keanu Reeves says we're about to break free of the matrix. The HEMA employee who gave the missile alert maintains his story. It was real. The Ukraine is massed for a spring offensive. It is of no importance to the alternative voices that a NATO sponsored army is going to directly assault a Russian one. They are thieves in the night yet you prostrate yourselves before them. Far right vigilantes sworn in. Russia prepares Kaliningrad enclave with more nuclear weapons. It's a short flight to The Ukraine's wasteland. Russia sends tanks to Iraq. Militants down Russian plane in Syria, kill pilot. Russia blames Ukraine. Russians killed in U.S. airstrikes. Russia deploys fighters to the Kurils. China needs more nukes. Russia, China prepare satellite killers. What will the millennials do without GPS? Major ASEAN powers to resist China. Globalists plan WW3. North Koreans us German embassy to acquire nuclear components. Russia has the pieces on the Arctic chessboard. China moving in.

The QE made me do it.

GOP train wreck an attempt to unseat government. It was a piss poor attempt if it was one. Why would the 'killers' remain in the truck instead of taking up assault positions? Damn logic defeats emotions again. FISA memo released. FBI knowledge. Obama was spying. Andrew McCabe deep state liability. Awan Brothers espionage the real story. FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence. #METOO leader a groper too. Weinstein source commits suicide. Dow down 666 points. Largest crash ever. Was it the QE? The largest VIX buy order ever. No liquidity. It seems contrived. Was it a theft? Corporate bond hole. Crytocurrency plunge. Capita collapses. Immigrants ship billions home. The 10 pluses. Rothschild's sell estate. Children of devious past leaders take the reins. Farm shooting raises outrage. It was clear cut self defence against an armed intruder. Russian sub commander who saved the ship and the sea dies. The Russian mole. Border APP spy tool. Mayan civilization found. On Conspiracy Cafe the Twisted Times.


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