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Reports of "10,000 sealed indictments to take down the Khazarian mob," and the US base at Guantanamo being readied to incarcerate the greater part of the US Government and the GPS monitoring boots being sported by Hillary Clinton and John McCain are but the latest iterations of an established genre of "hope porn" that pervades the clickbait culture of the alternative media. Much of it has sprung from the fertile imagination of Benjamin Fulford but lately, a figure known as Q Anon has saturated the space with a special brand of what Joseph Farrell calls "Trump messianism".

Farrell joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt with an excellent analysis of the Q Anon phenomenon. The message seems to be so perfectly tailored to press the buttons of pro-Trump Evangelical consumers of alternative media that it appears to be a sophisticated marketing scheme. The two speculate on who these marketers might be. The ultimate message also seems to be that Trump is a superhero who’s been anointed by God, that he will handle all of the world’s most intractable problems and we need not worry. We can sit back, relax and watch Trump’s 4D chess zoom into hyperspace.

Q Anon has overwhelmed the field to such an extent, that when people do Internet searches using common terms from the alternative media, they will be directed to the Q material. Farrell opines that “This is controlled opposition. It’s the Hegelian antithesis to the to the Mainstream Media synthesis.”

Daniel Liszt concludes, From the release of the JFK files to the fire at the Fed to the potential indictment of the Clintons over their foundation activities, there are many real facts on the ground that will make 2018 really powerful without the hope porn. So, no elites at Gitmo, no cabal arrests – let’s stick to what is actually happening here, there’s plenty to work with and to report on. We have the exciting work of Catherine Austin Fitts and Professor Mark Skidmore on the missing trillions, that’s a news story that’s on the ground, that’s something we can get behind.”

That can only mean Q Anon is a Google supported part of the military industrial complex.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 9, 2018 at 4:10 PM 220 Views