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Planes flying into Gitmo with transponders off. People getting off a Delta plane in Toronto having to have signed a non disclosure paper. All except one . . . Who was it?

GS has not tweeted since November 26th. Q stated that there is a very special place for him. DT has also used that term "very special place" when he was at Camp David recently.

Q stated that the Dem would win Alabama the night of the election. GS had his voting machines installed there and shenanigans were employed for the win. Jeff Sessions was installed as AG so that his seat would be vacant and so that what eventually happened was foreseen right from the beginning. DT is a calculating chess player. Investigation into vote fraud is quietly happening.

Lights out at the Atlanta airport. Why?

Lights out at Disneyland. Why?

Around 40 employee pedos arrested in Disneyworld. Hooray. Now the big assed elites need their comeuppance. It's being worked on.

December 11, 2017: Q Threatens George Soros -- Soros disappears?

The initials GS can mean no other than George Soros. Just five days after Q threatened to put Soros in "really special place," Trump also used the term "very special place" in a tweet. In is interesting to note that after having "tweeted" 4-5 days per week throughout all of 2017, there have been zero tweets from the account of George Soros since November 26th. (here) Prior to that, his longest twitter dry spell for 2017 had been only 10 days. Where the heck is George Soros? A "special place" in Guantanamo?

"A very special place" ----Trump's tweets often mimick Q's earlier tweets.

As of the date of this TomatoBubble article, December 27, there have been no tweets from "GS" (an avid twitterer!) for 32 days, and counting. (here)


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Any guesses faggots?

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Hmmm. No idea.


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