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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Step inside. Step inside the power of illusion that controls your very mind. We exist in a twisted world where the powers that be act like the infamous Wizard of Oz. He creates realities based on manipulated tricks behind the infamous curtain. We act like the cowardly lion, the scarecrow and the tin man riveted in fear. However, once we discover that the power in within ourselves, we can expose the paradigm and restore our freedom. The first step along the Las Vegas strip to the show is to realize this was a created event most likely a mixture of illusion and reality. We clicked our heels together and returned to Kansas. We were always there by the way until we believed the lie.

The sniper's lair. Robert Steele analysis. Crisis actors? Crime scene analysis. The death warning. Gunman's moll in custody. No she's not. Things don't add up. Military medical drill false flag. O.J. release a cover. Previous drill. Oz witness saw multiple shooters. Other OZ witnesses confirm. The psy-ops. The Hillary Obama connection. The YouTube banned content. Paddock arms dealer. Follow his plane to covert government activities. He filmed himself as if he was in a sting operation. Jason Aldean's Illuminati tattoo. They completely control the music industry. The mysterious message board warning. He didn't do it neighbors. The Chertoff connection. The gun control agenda. Even the Sheriff said he had help. His brother Eric said NO! He was the lone gunman. The police audio. British army was in town. It was carried out with military precision.

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