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We continue the long march along the Road to Perdition. The Conspiracy Show changes its format. The august panel is disbanded. It's too bad we weren't free to excise the demons from existence. Mom actor from Sandy Hook caught in Charlottesville's web. The dialectic still manifests. City University professor calls for all whites born before 1962 to be killed. The key to tolerance is the paradox that it is in fact a weapon to promote intolerance. Mel Brooks says political correctness means the death of comedy. The nigger gets it. AI has been proclaimed the new god. Lady Gaga regrets selling her soul to Satan. The purple revolution is in full swing after all. Bitcoin is the currency of the One World Government. West Point grad goes all out COMMIE! The FEMA map to the new union. The camps. Martial not a life. NFL a Roman circus. The Soros plot to destroy the union. Comey persona non grata. Christian teen beaten to death at Pakistani school. Another boy raped. Transgender contests. No negative comments allowed for Hillary's book.

The surveillance game. Did Obama do it? The CIA source. Take Umbrage. Trump mocks disabilities of John McCain. Rocket Man? White man speaks with forked tongue. Nuke Yellowstone? Kinetic weapons. Zapad 2017 ends with nuclear attack drill. NATO responds. Russia conducts further drill. Satellite photos show U.S. aiding ISIS. Russians kill 5 terror leaders. Russians team up with Kaspersky to rule cyberspace. Canada to arm Ukraine. Arms depot explodes. West influencing Russian elections. CTV advises Canadians to prepare for Armageddon. How to guide. Russia won't invade Ukraine.

North Korea moves missiles at night. U.S. open lines. Puerto Rico Apocalypse Beach. Was it a stage? Edmonton terror. Marseilles too. Austria bans burka. Riots over Catalonia voting. Canada provides Ukraine with satellite intel. Boston marathon man dies. Air France jet disintegrates. Clinton friend gets defense contract. Scalise back to workTribulation time. House of Rothschild. CIA agent reveals deep state. Venezuela abandons petrodollar. Debt nightmare. Mexico City anniversary quake. Weather War? Apocalyptic September. Asteroids pass. Binary asteroids. Osiris-Rex swings by Earth? Metallic fibers in western sky. South Park TV show activates devices. Embedded kill switch. Swedish libtard shot in No Go zone. Merkel wins. Too bad. Opioid crisis funerary boon. Will Trump release the JFK file? On Conspiracy Cafe it's The Road to Perdition.

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