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The dark and demonic are entering the great game and mounting the grand chessboard. In days past Genii Cucullati were hooded beings that influenced destinies. The British launch fake terror at Parsons Green. Donald Trump pegs the event by stating authorities had the culprit in their grasp prior to the 'attack.' Decoding a fake reality. It's the end of the world as we know it. Prophecy set for September 23rd. The Simpsons predicted it. The radar does not jive with the satellite images. Ships shelter from the 'storm. ' Weather as a force multiplier report used in futures trading report. Was the satellite imagery an overlay? Keep your mind in focus. Looters go wild in storm aftermath. Irma targeting Trump? Was it nuclear? Turkey Point nuclear facility leaking. No IMF debt relief. Massive quake off the coast of Mexico rattles Mexico City. Strange lights appear. Solar storms to affect North Korean missile launch. Only one isotope detected after alleged nuke test. Satellite images really don't support the theme. China closes border crossing, closes banks to North Koreans, stop testing for radiation. North Korea goes to Bitcoin. Nuclear powers are the problem not North Korea.

Did The Simpsons predict an event for September 23rd 2017? Watch this video and find out! How come you haven't seen it ?

Russian Zapad 2017 maneuvers commence. Russians deploy largest thermobaric bomb. World hegemony the goal. FBI raids Russian legations. The war in Yemen. Pledge of global citizenship in schools. Rods from God super weapon. Jamie Dimon calls Bitcoin a fraud. Cuban embassy personnel getting sick. String of bomb threats across Russia. Trumps reverses DACA position. Alt right report from Charlottesville. Non conformists to be th new Jews? Rap video lynches white child. EU court forces refugees on countries. Clinton activist jailed. Devil's letter decoded. Boys Beware film warns about homosexuality in '61. School massacre averted in Britain. Facial recognition doesn't work. Most Americans have no idea about their rights. The President's Insane? ICE destroying records. 9/11 first responders dying in droves. Australia goes BOOM! M-103 motion conference. Wall Street Journal reporter found dead after looking into Clinton. Parsons Green faux paux takes center stage. Equifax gives away the store. ECB restricts withdrawals. Liberbank on the skids. Top American stores too. Largest private bank in Russia fails. AK drone weapon awesome toy. The ultimate deep state organization The Pinay Circle. On Conspiracy Cafe All Options are on the Table.

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