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The Grim Reaper has prepared the illusions. Pyongyang is the target of the NWO. They appear to be a willing one to orchestrate some sort of global conflict. Maybe it is strategy. If they can lure America into striking first, China will be their salvation. All we have to do is lift the veil and peek at reality. We may find it has all been a game. The nuclear weapons were not real. The response was.

Korea's sacred mountain could blow. Major exercises. The missile test. The bomb test. The response. Practice shoot down. South Korea's war plan, assassination plan. Detente unlikely. McCain collision not missile. Russia has had enough anti-Russian propaganda. Bioweapons laboratories in the Ukraine. Asteroid misses. Belgium tipped off Spanish police. Trump restores military surplus to the police. Largest password breach ever. Google's heretic list. The invasion of Canada. Liberals give them the boot too. Canadian embassy haunted. FBI says no interest in Clinton files. Busting Obama? I doubt it. Warrantless searches approved. Multiverse in the brain. Rh Negative blood types 'alien.' Insect numbers down. USS Indianapolis found. China restricts outbound investments. On Conspiracy Cafe we storm the gate.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on September 6, 2017 at 11:52 AM 1022 Views