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It's an MK Ultra World Conspiracy Cafe 2010-08a-05

A restoration of our August 5, 2010 episode with our special guest James Haarp.

What if everything has been by design? What if our leaders, teachers, movers and shakers were all created as sleeper agents for the future? Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the Australian mind control cult. The movie Salt. BP birthday blowout sealed from Hitler's start to Obama's finish. The State vs. Jane Burgermeister revenge against the saint. The lost civilization of Mirador. James Haarp's special report the Dominion voting machine set to steal Ontario's municipal elections. Like a duck in a noose the D.C. sniper recap. Catch and release serial killers. What use is the censusFlu bug and UAV conference. The Bologna train station bombing anniversary. It's an MK Ultra World on Conspiracy Cafe.

It all started with Hitler's birthday on April 20th. 107 days later it ends on Obama's birthday. The BP oil rig disaster a good crisis not wasted. There must be significance to this. Death and rebirth are powerful omens to the NWO. So is deceit. Is this the real deal or an illusion on a fake well head that was abandoned nearby? What are the conditions of the wellheads? Who would ever inspect them? Are they the ticking time bombs of the 2012 prophecy? Happy Birthday Mr. President.

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