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Not since the assassination of JFK have we had a filmed at the scene video that conflicts with much of the evidence and the official story. Former Rebel Media journalist was at the protest. Her live video seems scripted somehow. Perhaps that is why she was let go. She seems very condescending and appeared to know the show was about to start. Her on the ground recording doesn't match the in the air recording that YouTube pulls at every opportunity. Then like the magic bullet in the JFK assassination, we now have the magic car that can be everywhere and do everything all in one presentation.

There has been a well orchestrated attempt at starting a race war based color revolution and regime change at The White House. We circle the wagons with the other patriots and defend the republic from one of the biggest frauds since Sandy Hook. The deep state want Trump out of office if not existence.

New Orleans statue removal by German arms giant KRUPP. Notice the twilight language turn left, stop on RED!

Did it start with the Hip Hop Google Doodle? The writing was on the wall. Public demands for the murder of the president. University of Virginia march. The Civil War is fought again. The boundary stones. False flag evidence. Stand down order. Crowds company provides protesters? The strategy. The death knell for freedom of thought. Antifa better in its original German. Identity politics. Confederate statues removed. Robert E. Lee replaced. Washington and Jefferson next? First they came for our statues. Then they came for the media. The Nouveau Taliban. ICC condemns destruction of cultural artifacts in Africa. Protesters dig up graves of Confederate. Trump takes on fake news. Reporters shaken not stirred. Council Exec resigns. He's a Goldman Sachs head. Don't they own the slaves today. Christ kicked out the money changers. So has Trump. DOJ looking for Disrupt IP's. Man stabbed for not being Antifa enough. More plans for turmoil. British police move on word feminine. Did Lee's battle strategy err? Soros admits seizing Jewish property with the Nazi's. Barcelona changes the channel. Trump exposes the horror of war.

The end game?

Guam locked and loaded. Risk of war. Xi urges restraint. China will defend North Korea. They will not if North Korea attacks. Fake news distorts the issues. Missiles loaded on subs. Ukraine supplies missile components. What a friend we have in Petro. We're close to the brink. So are India and China. Chinese subs off Indian coast. Russia deploys 100,000 troops near Baltic. GPS spoofing. Stock market warnings. The Hindenburg Omen crash? Italy's saving grace. Military option for Venezuela. Witness to the hack? Duterte kills dozens in drug war. Vaccines kill injure 75% in Mexico. Saudi's kill hundreds of Yemini children. Princes disappear. Diana book pulled. Lady in waiting's son dies. Queen may retire. Charles regent. Russian denial in Polish plane crash. Refugee invasion continues. Australian senator dons burka. Fentanyl epidemic. Algae terraformed earth. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Charlottesville Charade.


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