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Does anyone stand in awe at the power usurped by the Prince of the Air Satan? He dominates the ethereal space whereupon the fake news is delivered. Does any other alternative media even realize the conundrum? We are operating behind enemy lines for any word we reveal. The author of The Handmaiden's Tale, Margaret Atwood knows the power of the word. She has wielded them as mind control mantras like so many others. We show you the battlefield. We take on the enemies of the God who created us. We know the space and use it to our advantage. It is your only hope. The truth sets you free once you understand the enemy and his ways to program your mind.

Is the future a novel experience? 19th century writer Ingersoll Lockwood publishes The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey and The Last President. There will be fighting in the streets. Have we created a predictive programming event? Could Trump be a time traveler? FACEBOOK removes their AI bots from circulation. There is no cause for alarm. Really? I suspect they got out of control. The bot wars. Plan to take out Trump. The hack was a leak. By any means necessary. Gore's cryptic comment. Chomsky says deep state to destroy America. Brennan says disobey. Mueller's pedo connection. Although Waco and Ruby Ridge were early success stories. Comey and Lynch. Out RINO's. Awan busted. Clintonista for defense. Trump dossier creator pleads the 5th. The Ukrainian story. Turning Manafort. Obama a Saudi agent. Russian lawyer a DNC operative

Extinction level event on the horizon. Sweden leaks entire government database. House approves sanctions. Russia's response. Trump's foreign policy. Arms for Ukraine. US in Syria illegal. Flemish cleric in Syria says media is all lies. US ships arms to Raqqa. ISIS and the dirty bomb. Lebanon missile factories. Michael Vickers deep state's jihad man. German ex-cop Merkel dangerous. Real Islamic threat converts. China massing on Korean border. Chinese naval drills off Korean coast. South China Sea strait poker. North Korea's bio-weapons. Gang Il-Sun prophecy. Ruby was framed. SS Minden lost gold ship. Canada opens doors to barbaric practitioners. Private health asset stripping without war. Rampaging Muslims in Liverpool. Venezuela worsens. Cartels make record profits. Bill Clinton drops in on coffee forum en secreto.

Mars rover has a maid service. D.C. the money machine. ECB the mother of all bad banks. City of London to suffer at the hands of the French. British war dead long gone and forgotten by the heathen. Mystery investor shorts the markets. Estimated crash time October. Another $2 billion business folds up. Harley in downward spiral. Markets sit on time bomb. On Conspiracy Cafe we muse the power of Satan's realm the ethereal space.

Posted by George Freund on August 2, 2017 at 9:46 AM 1179 Views