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The fake news has us under its spell. Some of us are breaking silence. We see the world is at the crux of transformation. It involves a global government to be sure, but as we learned in the prior part Mad Science, the NWO has plans to create new life and merge the creation with artificial intelligence. So many are uninformed, and even more are dis-informed. We tap out the message and pray for positive results.

Physics journal confirms controlled demolition of the WTC. Mystery man at Trump Tower meeting. Mike Pence is ready to assume the presidency. Ambassador Haley neocon. Canada donates to the Clinton Foundation. Is it money laundering 101? Putin carries mysterious red box to Valaam Monastery. Italy prepares 'nuclear' option on migrants. Hungary declares Soros an enemy of the state. If Hillary won? Trump ends arming Syrian rebels. Turkey reveals U.S. positions. UK slush fund for Syrian war. East Ukraine declared new country. China enters Baltic Sea. NATO's worries, creeping occupation of The Ukraine. Trump disses Ukraine. Nazi summer camp trains youth to kill and hate Russians. US subs ready in Black Sea. Military industrial complex profits. Trump wants to return Russian property. Qatar beats the blockade. Did UAE plant fake news story. India in South China Sea row, confrontation.

American Statistical Association proves vote flip with Saunders and Wasserman-Schultz. Peter Smith suicide over Clinton E-Mails. Former Haitian official bites the bullet before inquiry. Shawn Lucas given lethal injection cocktail. Search for Canada's AVRO Arrow. America's financial destruction, gradually then suddenly. The great unwind. War on the petro dollar. Italy's Doom Loop. China holding commercial real estate together. Largest private equity fund collapse. VISA's war on cash. EU resistance. Chinese investor buys Grouse Mountain. Crypto currencies collapse. CSIS executives abuse staff. Imagine what they'll do to you with expanded powers. Evergreen State College: No whites allowed. Doublespeak the language of the left. Spanish banker suicide. Marine vet killed by police after benefits cut off. London's robbery epidemic. Australian woman executed by cop calling for help. Nazi trove found in Argentina. Hitler picture withheld. Was he alive? Winnie the Pooh banned in China 's cyberspace. On Conspiracy Cafe we're breaking silence.

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