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We are totally controlled by the Prince of the airwaves Satan. He is the master of ethereal space. We review the tenets of the great philosopher Marshall McLuhan who opined the space between the land and space is the manifestation of the Anti-Christ. The media is far more than fake news it is the means of deception used to take us to false realities and away from God. I describe the battle as a guerrilla war. Our forays into the ethereal space are actions behind enemy lines. McLuhan went so far as to say this guerrilla action was in fact WW3. He made no distinction between military and civilian participation. This infowar is the defining moment in human history. My addition is it is the easiest war ever won. All you have to do is change the channel.

Omar Khadr partisan or patsy to the New World Order. This Afghan teen resisted the subjugation of his country by an invading army. He fought back, but he was shot in the back twice while wounded. It was a failed summary execution. Of course the invaders painted him as the aggressor and he was renditioned to Guantanamo to face a military tribunal. These were the same things used in the Inquisition. I doubt he could have been convicted in the American court system and that's why he wasn't put in that system. His basic human rights were violated as he was tortured. Regardless of what he was accused of doing his settlement was for the abuse of his basic human rights. These were the rights we say are held as self evident. Now that we no longer adhere to these rights as if we ever did, we degrade ourselves to the lowest common denominator. That allows the primary law of the jungle to supersede. If that is the law and might makes right then Khadr did nothing wrong. I compare the assault on compound he was in as a home invasion by a force without legal status in his country or a warrant which is the bare minimum we require in ours.

Chuck Baldwin questions why professing Christians are so predispositioned to murder at the behest of the state. Romans 13 wasn't a license to kill. CNN further exposed as deceitful. U.S. killed 472 non combatants in Syria last month more than 12 years of terror in Europe. Might makes right. God will hold us to account for our sins. It is easier to atone. Trump knew gas attack was fake but bombed anyway. Nikki Haley beats the war drums. Russia will respond with force if necessary. Chemical attack warning. Regime change for Russia a strategy. Five reasons to avoid war. U.S. buildup for Iran. DIA report on Russia's strengths. Article 5 for cyber attack. Russian weapons in Syria. The great collusion. The Qatar ultimatum. LPR soldiers tortured to death by Ukrainians. Canada dumps $371 million into Iraq mission. How about clean water for the First Nations and a few schools? Are we caught in the Thucydides Trap? Plans for North Korea. U.S. Australian naval maneuvers.

Of course, at the Cafe, we prefer to head them off at the pass in our trance like state.

Trump is the president not the libtards. Comey leaked to the NY Times. More protest action. Adam Schiff the deep state shill. Debbie Wasserman Schultz TRAITOR! Flynn associate dies after WSJ interview. Did he get Hillary's E-Mails from Hackers? Surveillance State growing. Wait till we become an Islamic Republic. Then the stoning starts. CIA taps Linux too. Some states refuse to hand over voting information for examination. Austria deploy military. Immigration without assimilation a disaster recipe. Another day in Islam acid attacks on the rise. Burn Baby Burn. Ramadan bloodier than last year. American vlogger gets the boot for thought crimes.

Quake swarm at CERN. Macron a tyrant. Italian bank failures. The contagion. Italy and EU were close to collapse. Monte dei Paschi nationalized. The failure analysis. The debt heads to infinity and beyond. Yellen says NO! BIS says YES! to collapse. NYSE needs more rigging. Sears Canada goes down. Supreme court censors internet. Ransomware attack hit counterfeits worst. Google's fine. Our rights come from God. No God No rights. The Medium is the message on Conspiracy Cafe.


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