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The time is upon us. We are reaching a denouement again. Will there be another reprieve in the financial system? Money is more than the root of all evil. It is evil. We defile the earth for it. We sell our souls for it. A mysterious shadow hand has appeared in the wings of your host. Big Brother is hinting at the dangers of free and open speech. However, he may be doing the Lord's work to reposition for the coming collapse. That's the way it's been in the past.

Do you want to war dance?

Trump's magical mystery tour. To bow or not to bow. That is the question. His recent bombing of Syrian ground forces tell the tale. Permanent war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. That is the question. The Saudi arms deal is the answer to pay homage. President Kushner's deal. The Russian mob probe. Like father, like son. Syrian peace deal fails. The 115th Anniversary of the Antikythera Mechanism Google Doodle. The key to the future. Ukraine's tactical missile launchers. Will Russia invade? Turks escort Russian ships. Latest Russian tanks at the border. Black Sea mission. Russia jets buzz frigate. Russia increases the northern nuclear option. Latest sortie lured NATO jets into intelligence web. Northern Korean missiles range. Practice raid would be war. Guam naval drill postponed. The secret wars. China can win in a phase zero war.

New cryptic 9/11 photos. Pizzagate unraveling. Democrats backing off. Comey HSBC specialist. Lied to congress. unravels Seth Rich murder. The deep state coup. Anti-Trump media. CIA control over media. Russia's point of view. The Vault 7 release. The NSA tools. Macron the bankers' choice.Germany will be an Islamic republic. Your home is confiscated. Diversity has a purpose. Europe's suicide. Clinton's dark money. Farage warns EU. Australia still wants the guns. Canada wants UN markings. Elderly Swedish woman a xenophobe. BBC stalks commenters. Volcano alert a trial by fire? RCMP harass reporter. Theresa May's new internet.

Hertz hurts. Retail implosion. S & P is FAANG. Italy's position bleak. Banco Popular on the skids. The derivative bomb. They're WMD's. The ECB's legacy. The Puerto Rico conspiracy. Carmageddon for Ford. The Dow plunge. Privatbank robbery. Cryptocurrencies. Silent weapons for quiet wars. Interview with genius hacker.


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