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The Creature Walks Among Us on Conspiracy Cafe 2010-05m-13


From the That Channel archives the rise of the fascist state was discussed May 13, 2010.

Has ET called home? Voyager sends home strange message, NYC bomber setting the stage for war with Pakistan, Blackwater's parallel CIA role escapes oversight, Libyan plane crash NOT terrorism, ecological Armageddon and the silent green movement, the Genesis Conspiracy, BP and Goldman Sachs share CEO Trilateralist, Toronto Police beating to death of Dominican youth tantamount to lynching, US border guards strip young Canadian volunteer and strand her in Windsor, Public Safety Minister to revoke pardon process for NWO police super state. On Conspiracy Cafe the creature walks among us.

NASA's New Asteroid Mission Could Save the Planet

Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Space Wars

WWCR Shortwave

World Wide Christian Radio

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

WWCR has four 100,000 Watt, state of the art, transmitters which serve the world on 10 different broadcasting channels. Together our transmitters provide over 400 religious and talk programs direct from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, to a global audience.

10 May, 2010- Transmitter #1 is back on the air. Transmitter #1 has a matching stub connected to it's rhombic antenna; the only one of WWCR's antennas to have one. It was submerged in floodwaters but did not present problems initially when transmitter #1 was brought back up. On Saturday, Phil Patton saw smoke rising from the matching stub. Remarkably, Phil rebuilt it from varied parts already on the property. Transmitter #1 and the matching stub seem to be content with the rebuild and functioning as normal. WWCR's transmitter #4 remains off-air. Parts needed to bring it back on-air should arrive on Tuesday morning.

The World Should Now Be Considered in Revolution

Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771

Smoking suitcase found at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Holder: Pakistani Taliban guided Faisal Shahzad in failed Times Square car bomb attack

The Secret US War in Pakistan

Inside sources reveal that the firm works with the US military in Karachi to plan targeted assassinations and drone bombings, among other sensitive counterterrorism operations.

Brown To Co-Sponsor Terror Bill That Strips Citizenship

The BP plan for offshore rig riches

Training Exercises Revealed Gaps in Preparedness for Major Oil Spill

What are we dumping into the Gulf to ‘fix’ the oil spill?

Rig Firm’s $270m Profit from Deadly Spill

The Cover-up: BP's Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster

Henry Kissinger 'cancelled warning against political assassinations'

Press For Truth Arrested While Reporting on G20 Summit

Are Cops More Criminal Than Criminals?

Transit Head Killed by Train in Possible Suicide

Chicago Tunnel Company

Under the streets of Chicago, pre 1906.


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