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The liberal world order doesn't take NO for an answer. They will have their ORDER or they will destroy us all. They've had the goods on The Donald and were pressing him to carry out their dastardly deeds. There was talk of a FIRST STRIKE in the shadows of the West Wing. Everyone was a character from the renowned Dr. Strangelove. However, there's been talk of a PAUSE. Angela Merkel met Vladimir Putin in Soochi. Now the G20 might include a meeting between The Donald and Vladimir. It is a good step in the right direction. The Donald even softened the rhetoric on North Korea. However, the situation is still TENSE. Take the next step with us on Conspiracy Cafe.

Aratta Ukrainian cradle of civilization.

Washington plans first strike. Russian senator reacts to UK first strike quip. Russian general staff concerned about US attack. China prepares to counter THAAD. Russia deploys off shore nukes near US. Russia's hypersonic missile and countermeasures. Boots on the ground in Syria. Intelligence vets say no sarin attack. Russian attacks. Israeli attacks. De-escalation zones proposed. Russia holds aerospace drills. Cheap APP foils UK spy planes. Assad says Trump controlled by deep state. Nikki Haley one of them. Trump campaign funder nabbed for procuring children. Is that the file they have? Sterling Allan child rapist. Green Beret restored after attacking Afghan child abuser cop. Obama Trump both NWO deceivers. Russia makes peace with Japan. Ceasefire proposed in Syria. Pence spokesman for the war hawks.

North Korean risks. Putin warns. Missile flop. Kim asks why Israel has nukes. Paraded weapons fakes. Trump's Korean gambit. Operation Gotham Shield. Russian intelligence ship sinks. New British subs. Trump back peddles on NAFTA, to break up BIG BANKS. Republicans fold in Congress. Reality is an illusion. Predictive programming works. The love formula. Rights come from God not government. Special forces soldier suicide. The bot war to control your mind. Eastwood's new film. London attack foiled. Ireland's Islamic threats. Female genital mutilation in Minnesota. Doctor who got Bin Laden still in custody. Macron threatens UK with migrant invasion. Le Pen advancing in the poles. May Day riots. U.S. economy worsens. Caring for the homeless a crime. Auto sales plunge. Puerto Rico bankrupt. Robots to get jobs. No political solution. Ecosystem gets personhood in law. America a police state NOW! Tenants from HELL! Beets the wonder food.


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