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The NWO is on a proverbial march to Armageddon. By hook or by crook they will use any deceitful trick to get us to believe there is a great evil somewhere in the world that requires war escalating to nuclear conflict with Russia or China. We can avoid conflict by turning off main stream mass mind control media, but we're addicted. The voices in your head tell you to listen. We ask you to change the channel. It's a simple alternative.

Twice around the park boy, and don't forget to bomb Syria after you shine my shoes.

Gowdy's special investigators found tortured to death. Trey Gowdy under protection. Operation Gotham Shield puts nukes in drill. Obama back in Chicago. Australian investigative TV show Sunday Night takes on the Madeleine McCann case. Cave suggestion a diversion perhaps.Former RN officer murdered. Bataclan police officer murdered in Paris attack. Dyncorp general on pedo charges. Murdoch has the president's ear. Operation Toxic Dagger sarin gas for who? North Korea's parade. Sub launced missiles. Missile launch fails. Pyongyang evacuated. Arrows are out of the box. Are they even real? Was the nuclear program faked? Reasons not to attack. Brits arranged money and components for Kim's program. Trump tests nuke. Australia ready for China war. Strategies. Snowden says Trump bombed CIA bunker. Russia supporting Taliban. Russians drop MOAB on Syria. Russian ships reinforce. NATO can't defend Baltics. Trump backfired. Le Pen loses, blasts NATO. Corbyn designs no war policy.

Gates meets Trump to promote vaccines. Google versus Infowars. Free speech fights. Trump under control. Soros versus the net. The Propaganda Machine, 2, 3. Wynne classic spin. Daily Mail pulls gas attack false flag warning. Trump war crime? Putin reveals next false flag, provides proof. 2013 false flag review. al-Assad's interview. Boots on the ground for Syria. The bomb run. Islamic prayer in Delaware legislature. Aleppo bombing. Muslims attack Easter parade in Seville. Swedes will ban cars before extremists. Venezuelan protests. Protest letter on radio frequancy radiation manipulation of the nervous system. Farage courier for Assange. Film writer shot on her African dream park. Knights Templar caves. Treasure 'hunters' after German war wreck. I saw the light phenomenon.

Venezuelan protests


Posted by George Freund on April 26, 2017 at 10:15 PM 1457 Views