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Another trip down memory lane to April 8. 2010. What a deja vu? I'm sick today, and I was sick then as well. But that didn't stop us from slaying dragons.

The rules of changed. It's official there are none. The Scrabble Code says the ghosts of war are loose. 'Diplomat' smokes his shoes causing chaos, D.C. police radio goes down, Masonic cyphers; Gov. Gen. gets the boot from the Bilderberg King; Karzai to join the Taliban; RBC banker goes over the 'edge' at secret KKK revival location; 'r' Woodmen of the World a front? In a mine Trilateralists, CFR, MK Ultra Dean, NSA, DIA, ONI, CIA, USAF, UK Atomic Energy making alphabet soup in West Virginia; Clinton's millions for 'change'; millennium equations need to be solved million $ prize; in a mine Nazi gold; the plot to kill Patton confirmed; Ahmadinejad's strange bedfellows; Submission is not a successful strategy; Kyrgyzstan regime change; Brooke Shields French royal connected to Vatican banking; BBC presenters shed clothes; real journalists shot; Feeling the control? Change the channel.

Murdoch Mysteries S3 EP3 Victor, Victorian

Stone Mountain Park was the sight of the revival of the Klu Klux Klan on November 25, 1915. The robed and hooded men were led by William J. Simmons. Included were the Knights of Mary Phagan a group that lynched Leo Frank. Oaths were administered by Nathan Bedford Forrest II, the grandson of the original Imperial Grand Wizard, Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, and was witnessed by the owner of Stone Mountain, Samuel Venable.

William Simmons was a Colonel in another 'secret' society called Woodmen of the World.

Massey Energy Company NYSE: MEE is a coal extractor in the United States with substantial operations in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Board of directors

Don Blankenship, chairman and CEO, Massey Energy

James B. Crawford, former chairman and CEO, James River Coal Company

General Robert H. Foglesong, retired four-star general, U.S. Air Force

Richard M. Gabrys, former vice chairman, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Admiral Bobby Inman, former director, National Security Agency

Barbara, Lady Judge, chairman, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Dan R. Moore, chairman, Moore Group, Inc.

Baxter F. Phillips Jr., president, Massey Energy

Stanley C. Suboleski, former commissioner, Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

In response to a prolonged citizen campaign on the environment, on May 29, 2009 Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee announced his resignation from the Board of Massey Energy Gee had said he believed he could do more environmental good on the board than off it. 

Brown University:


Cyberattack: U.S. Unready For Future Face Of War

More Than One Universe? Bring 'Em On!

Snail Mail Fail: Finland Post to Digitize Letters

12-Year Old McDonald's Hamburger, Still Looking Good

The McDonald's hamburger on the right is from 2008; the one on the left is from 1996. And they both look fairly edible.

Paris Disneyland struck by worker suicides

Iraqi medical doctors implicated in plundering body organs

Anger over rushed digital economy bill leads to online lobbying effort

Judge strikes fear into biotech industry with nullification of patents on human genes BRCA1


Without a right to resist, we have a duty to submit -- and submission to unlawful police violence frequently results in serious injury, sexual assault, and death.

The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

43 Journalists Murdered in Colombia

Power of the pupils: Child 'spies' allowed to sabotage the careers of teachers

Pope Ratzinger and the Bushes: Two Peas In a Pedophile Protection Pod

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