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The Easter slaughter season begins with a bombing on a Coptic church in Egypt. Children's Aid removes children from Christian couple because they refuse to tell children the Easter Bunny is real. Vimy Ridge battle remembered. What have we learned? The Vatican's proxy army Islam and ISIS. White House committed to war. No proof. We launch missiles. Attack on anniversary of U.S. entry into WWI. Does the deep state have Trump? Was it a ruse? Was it the British? The 1899 Hague accords. The U.S. supported poison gas. Aerial bombing was banned. Blame shifting to the Saudis. Russia suspends agreement. Iran throws the shoe. Russia and Iran RED LINE. Boris Johnson orders Moscow out. Russians say NYET. Former UK ambassador says false flag. Ron Paul too. Others as well.

Ivanka Trump implements Obama policy. Nouveau democrats in the West Wing. Fire Kushner. G7 timing for attack. Pentagon rogue. National Security Adviser McMaster type cast as Dr. Strangelove's Jack D. Ripper. Senators war dogs on TV. Bolivia reminds us of the Iraq war 'proof.' Further chemical attack. ISIS assualts U.S. forces in Syria. Russians drop thermite bombs. Did Russian air defense fail? Russian general held fire to prevent escalation. Passing the Buk. Aerospace weapons not used. Russian frigate to cover coast. Putin warns of another false flag in the works. Spicer gasses himself. Russia, Turkey hold joint naval drills. Jordan itching to fight. Russian special forces active in Crimea. Mobilization in Donetsk. Ukraine air defense drills. Lithuanians rehearse Russian invasion. Russian torpedo found on the beach. NATO looking for actors. Hmm? Russia's missile range. The S-500 system. China masses troops at Korean border on high alert. Translation faux pas Calvinus Roman Consul. Will the U.S. bomb? S. Korea tests missile.

Duterte moves into South China Sea islands. U. S. drops MOAB on Afghanistan bunker. I feel it was a dress rehearsal for Korea. CIA Brennan spied on Trump team. Cellphone surveillance towers found in Ottawa. NATO does back woods drill in West Virginia. Massive cocaine seizure linked to Obama. He gets out of Dodge. Is he on the run? Fireball sighted off California coast. Will Trump return to torture? Swedish paper calls for truck ban. Swedish PM no going back to mass asylum. Russia rounds up suspects. G7 clashes. AIPAC convention not newsworthy I guess. San Bernadino school shooting domestic. 12 signs of the next subprime crisis. On Conspiracy Cafe we see the shadow in the west wing


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