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There's always another dimension at Conspiracy Cafe 2010-04a-01


April 1, 2010 another day in conspiracy history. I stand amazed at what I've forgotten. The refresher course is well worth the effort. Nano-titanium dioxide is a deadly additive to the food supply. It was to be in full swing by 2014. It was classed as GRAS generally regarded as safe. It infiltrates the organs and can cause cancer and heart disease. Got a pain. Maybe you got a bot.


Explosives cache found in Toronto storage locker, massive detonation fit for a false flag operation, South Korean naval ship explodes, Nanotech is penetrating the food supply and destroying organs in test animals, where's the outrage christian children raped and tortured in Pakistan, Irish teen teased to death, children's rights activist 'Arkansided', FBI in Hutaree militia, Health Bill creates a civilian army, TRW's 'blue mist' an ode to 9/11, Moscow bombing 'code', nuclear power plant fires repressed, fascist database of the autistic commences, Ice Queen walks out on Bilderberg King. On Conspiracy Cafe there are always other dimensions.


Police link explosives trove to Pickering double murder

We see the 'dust' in the collapse.

China Seeks Russia Alliance to Counter US Dominance

The moment RAF jets intercepted Russian bombers flying in British airspace

Murder case against ex-commander of CFB Trenton put over to April 20


They can make you do anything, let us out and come back.

Olson's life behind bars

Survivor suggests outside attack on ship

Diver dies at South Korean warship rescue site

Punjab: Christian maid burned alive to prevent her from reporting a rape

Nine-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan sexually assaulted as punishment for ...Iraq

Women Denied Right to Be Born in India

Abu Dhabi ruling family linked to 'torture' video

End of a glittering Dubai dream: three Britons in jail accused of $500 million 'fraud'

A Christie's employee looks at a painting entitled 'A Commander being armed for Battle' (1613-1614 ) by Flemish artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens at Christie's auction house in central London, on March 29, 2010. The painting is expected to realize as much as $17.9 million when it is auctioned as part of a sale of items from the Spencer Collections on July 6.

Princess Diana family offers Rubens in $30 million sale

The co-ordinates for Moscow are 55° 45' N and 37° 37' E. The 30 million and 7 million add up to 37. The 18 million and 27 million add up to 45 plus another 10 from the article and you get 55. It appears a commander was being armed for battle and as in the other masterpiece to massacre the innocents.

Israeli invasion into southeastern Gaza kills 4, injures 8, destroys a home and ravages farmland

US Bagram Airbase hit during Obama visit

Missed it by that much

Despite 'Row,' US Seals Military Deal With Israel

BP Kicks Off Push to Revive Iraq's Oil Industry

The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.

Adolf Hitler

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them

Albert Einstein

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