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We find the symbol for Atlantis is a ring of concentric circles. The same anomaly has been observed over CERN. Was the city designed after the anomaly? I believe it was. I believe they were the keepers of the gate. I believe they opened the portal to the other dimesion as CERN intends to later this year. Scientists have warned about creating a mini black hole or having matter and anti-matter coming into contact with each. Around 1140 B.C. an event called the cataclysm occurred. It activated many volcanoes and caused earthquakes and tsunamis. Atlantis disappeared and the Mediteranean basin was devastated. I see the symbol as a warning sign not to open the gate. The soldier guarding it in the original is no longer present. We must do it ourselves or face an extinction level event. God help us in this endeavor.

Professor Richard Freund pointing out the stone with concentric circles that marks the gate to Atlantis. It is the CERN portal.


Is CERN the portal to HELL? James the Just. Trudeau supports freedom of speech for ISIS. The five pillars of Islam indoctrination for NJ schools. Humans to become 'gods.' Robots do take jobs from humans. Russia's Syrian embassy shelled. The St. Petersburg bombing. The patsy. The photographic evidence says false flag. The Google Doodles revealed the target. Trump and the North Korea strike. If China won't...A broader war. North Korea's options, fires missile. Putin masses troops on Ukrainian border. Russia starts draft, includes The Crimea. Russia deploys more missiles in Kaliningrad, responds to U.S. drill. Canada designs to arm Ukraine. Ceasefire violated. Shelling to resume. The plot inside Russia. Color revolution history. Russian airborne drills in Belarus. Belarus closes Polish TV. Russia's new torpedo. Idlib chemical attack. SAS move on Raqqa. The CIA's false flag code. Blackwater Trump's back door to Russia. Deep state traitors.

New investigation. Adam Schiff traitor. Dr. Phil exposes global pedophiles. Spy towers operating in Ottawa. Germany goes ORWELL! ECB flushes banks with cash. Italy on the skids. Bank panic. Pension crisis USA. The reset consequences. Canada's banks. Denmark could spark. Soros shorts the markets. The most profitable corporations. British migrant severely beaten. North to Alaska. Spanish MEP says war with Britain. Asteroid misses Earth. Health care for California. Queen Mary rusting to death. Soldiers of Odin in Toronto. Self defense gone right. Miracle filter turns salt water fresh. Radiation remedies. DOT to spy on your every move. 24 hour drone program for the UK. Congress sells you to the broadband industry. On Conspiracy Cafe we caution the Atlantis Stargate.


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