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We explore the possibility that quantum computers may already be in action. They are claimed to have the ability to alter reality. There is talk at CERN that they have opened the door to a parallel dimension called Earth 2. There is communication occuring from the other side. What if the various factions attempting dominion of this Earth have these machines already affecting outcomes? The politicians talk about 'hacking,' but what if it's more than that?

Ukraine bases ICBM's in Canada under the NATO umbrella. Are they nukes? Arrests in Russian protests. Armed infiltrators arrested in Belarus. Ukrainian munitions dump destroyed in explosion. U.S. bought 21 MIG's. Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defenses. Putin cautions Israel. Israel stages bug out drill. Russian base in Kurdish Syria. UN warns of broader conflict in Libya. Saudi's massacre Somali refugees. Yemeni's fire ICBM at Saudi capital. Kim Jong-Un threatens U.S. North Korean missile alert. PLA expanding marines. Greek police intercept letter bombs. Turkey's new Holy War. CIA bugged all iphones. Spying whistle blower ignored by Congress. Breitbart told to stand down. Lynch handled FISA requests on Trump. Trump kills Climate Bill. THE HAMMER secret computer system. Democratic congresswoman calls Russian act of war. Why did Trump expose the wiretapping? Trump under surveillance since 2004. Fox pulls Napolitano. Breitbart, Infowars targeted with the Russians. What would Patrick Henry say? What would George Washington do?

Electronics ban. Canada joins. Did Obama donate to the Muslim Brotherhood? Extreme violence art on Brussels' buildings. Khazir Khan exposed as a liar. John McCain traitor supreme. Henry Kissinger Public Enemy No. 1. Operation Indigo Skyfold. David Rockefeller passes. What they don't tell us. London terror false flag season begins. Press and members of parliament sequestered for safety or perhaps silence. Carnage. Tube station closed. They access the secret tunnels. TV identifies imprisoned terrorist. He was employed by British Telecom masters of the tunnel netherworld. Was it to remove GCHQ from the headlines? Code word London Bridge is Down used. The previous Thames drill. Did it allow the staging for the event? Cincinnati shootout. Couple beaten for ham on their pizza. BBC brings up Blasphemy Law. Muslims demand end to dog walking. German linguists question the Qu'ran's translation. Bulgarian migrant hunter gets helicopter gunship. Torontonians freak over army exercise.

National debt $100 trillion. Sino American trade war looms. Stock relapse a warning to Trump. Retail cataclysm. Ancient maps tell of another time. On Conspiracy Cafe we enter by the D wave gate.

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