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We Watch The Watchers on Conspiracy Cafe 2010-03m-25

WOW! What a performance. The dragons of the New World Order are slain right before your eyes in the That Channel studio by Sir George Knight of the Conspiracy Table March 25, 2010. This was a stellar performance as the plot to conquer the world is concisely laid out. Of course Russia and China were resisting. Now we're seven years closer to world war and only a minority even have the slightest clue as to why. You may join them at your leisure.

Professor Judy Wood in the hot seat. Nano-thermites are explosives according to MIT. Fascist Ann Coulter's University of Ottawa foible. Heathrow screener loved and photographed those giant tits. Serial killer Clifford Olson's 911 affidavit. Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act. The Red House report Germany's plan to infiltrate the west and rule the world. MI6 recruiting foreign language bankers. NATO preparing for the main event showdown with Russia. Devil in the Vatican. On Conspiracy Cafe, we watch the watchers.


You can only explain the world with the level of understanding you possess. If there are things not known, they cannot be used in the explanation. Therefore, you have to go to the next credible level of knowledge. I do know the company that made fire retardant materials and had the contract to apply same to the WTC makes nano thermite. That's an incriminating factor since that same company had the contract to assess the 1993 attack.

The most important issue is that the event didn't happen as stated with a plane crash and fuel fire. In a normal crime we could use reasonable and probable grounds to get a search warrant to seize evidence from complicitous individuals and agencies. Since covert elements of these agencies and within the government are suspects, it is unlikely that will happen.

Concentrations and velocity distributions of positive ions in laser ablation of copper

SHAME ON Huffington Post! SHAME ! SHAME !! SHAME !!!!!

Jesse Ventura's Censored 9/11 Commentary

Hurricane Erin (2001)

The Toronto Sun did not make the affidavit included with the article about Clifford Olson, Canada's infamous serial killer, reporting an upcoming terror attack in New York prior to 9/11 available on line. This is very pertinent because it shows there is a connection between the power brokers of the world and the despicable lot that appears to be at their service. Remember Canada's latest was the Prime Minister's pilot and college buddy of Canada's other notorious serial killer Paul Bernardo. Clifford Olson warned the Canadian and American ambassadors as well at the Governor of New York and the President. Of note, there was a man in custody in Toronto who claimed to be an American Office of Naval Intelligence operative who gave a similar warning. He was Mike Vreeland. Of note an Admiral Vreeland headed the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1909 and had a destroyer named after him. A Major Vreeland was in the Counter Intelligence Corps in the Pacific during WWII. The prior knowledge tree bore much fruit. It was just left to rot on the vine.

Toronto Sunday Sun March 21st 2010

The affidavit.


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