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D.C. insiders out to get Trump. The plot. The media echo chamber. Fake News. Democrats meet Russians too. Obama's wiretap list. The money from the swamp. Trump goes Goldman Sachs. Trade war in the White House. Trump's secret drone war. National Intelligence Director a surveillance specialist. Saudi Prince comes to town. Conservative candidate exposes vote fraud. Trump's Nashville rally. Andrew Jackson's grave. Scoop Dogg shoots Trump. Are you ready for world war over hacking. NATO ships in Black Sea. Brits shore up Estonia. U.S. Army masses. Russian tanks forming up. Russian spy ship back on station. Is she controlling the mole missiles? Did Syria shoot down Israeli fighter? Syrian missile crashes in Jordan. Roger Stone whack attempt. Kolypto malware man caught. The Congressional IT leaks. Digital fingerprints left by al CIAda. Wikileaks stymies CIA. Canada's Foreign Minister's Nazi past.

Charles Schumer enjoys a moment with the 'evil' Russians. Isn't this the way it should be as opposed to massing tanks.

Nations return to saber rattling. Network revisited. Kiev blockades Russian banks. NATO battalions to Baltics. Black Sea confrontation. China warns of first strike. Seal infiltration for North Korea. Western mercs filter into Donbass. Russia in Libya, Egypt, teams up with CIA man. Water cut off in Lugansk. Chlorine at filtration plants targeted. Humanitarian crisis. Canada extends mission to Ukraine. NATO instructors orchestrate saboteurs. US to supply attack craft to Ukraine. Yanukovych charged with treason. Is Belarus next? Joint air defense test with Russia Belarus. Cooperation with Russia off. More U.S. troops for Syria. ISIS sets up checkpoints in Egypt. Putin verifies ISIS an Obama, Clinton initiative. Netanyahu demands summit with Putin. Former U.S. hostage says stop regime change. Canada cherry picks sanctions lists.

Third of U.S. malls closed. Brazil and Venezuela in economic collapse. Fed rate increase attempt at implosion. The debt bomb. Fed's GDP forecast worst in years. Maybe the figures weren't massaged. The 100 year mortgage. Mortgages collateral for emergency loans. Canada sheds its gold. Deutsche Bank tries to stay alive. Mexico's liquidity crisis. This crash is worse. Canadian banks lie to customers. Exchange Stabilization Fund. Netherlands election. Obama's African birth certificate. Swedish migrants murder family and laugh. Chicago gangs steal weapons from train. Comey and HSBC a day at the money laundry. Knights Templar cave complex. German mall attack foiled. Russian businessmen killed in Ankara crash. Linwood Kaine busted for rioting. Mountain sized object moving across the Pacific. Mysterious anomaly heating the Pacific. Why you shouldn't live in California. Big city boat bug out. On Conspiracy Cafe we're at the CROSSROADS.


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