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The Coming Cataclysm on Conspiracy Cafe


We celebrate the Wikileaks dump of CIA domestic spying that proves President Trump is walking the moral high road. We find God's Law of Discernment. It involves the reality of a flat earth. Satan's minions cannot say our biosphere is flat because it concedes there is God. That is something that cannot come from their lips. Physicists uncover evidence of holographic universe. NASA reveals new 'planets.' It is a mathematical model only. U.S. Russian relations poor. Rand analysis of World War 3. Russia can take the Baltic's in 60 hours. European Leadership Network says Russia a paper tiger. Don't bet on it. British military says army would be defeated in an afternoon. Protests in Russia over 'Trump' policy. Deep state push to war. Russian live fire drills. Tanks traverse Poland. Russian cruise missiles a serious threat. Trump and Putin should aspire to Nobel Peace Prize. Scenarios for Russian servitude.

Russians on Crimean alert. Ukraine shelling DPR. Russia deploys more anti-air missiles in Crimea. Ukraine to confiscate DPR companies. Poroshenko gets cold shoulder from Trump. Turkish advance into Syria. U.S. armor moves into Syria. Plan for Daesh. I thought it was ISIS. Canadian military for Syria. Geneva meeting excludes Syrians. Russians to destabilize Canadian government. Fire at Trump tower. The phone tap scandal. Obama bugged Trump. The Russian connection. House Intelligence Committee says NO! Phone checks for White House staff. Katie Walsh a knife in Trump's back. Bannon a spook.

Trump bars traitorous news media from briefing. Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post for propaganda organ. Fake news site for President Hillary. Civil war will start in California. Why Pizzagate? Obama's Kenyan arms sale. The Russian ambassadors are getting hit. The Yemen operation. wants to move to Canada. Trump skips Oscars holds Governors' Ball. Free speech casualty. DHS after Trump. Intelligence after Trump. Holder says the revolution is on. Lou Dobbs report on shadow government. American Spring 2017. Protest waves. CIA versus the President. MAY DAY. Town Halls set up by anarchists. Obama's thugs. Hold him accountable. Seize assets.

Obamacare repeal not happening. Tolerance is a DEATH WISH! Trudeau approves citizenship for terrorist. God's real name. Were the Oscars a computer simulation? The rape weapon prevents brain frequency change. Does it shut down communication with source? World volcanoes are walking up. North Korean super volcano at risk. Evacuation of Antarctic a harbinger. Russian fleet to repeat Bryd mission. Are we at war with hte inner Earth? Cheney's burn pits kill many. Dark Justice outs paedophiles. Canadians distrust government. Stock market bubble a sign of collapse. End of the debt cycle upon us. Arizona passes bill for gold silver. NEXIT next. High school teacher punished for challenging vaccines. The food from China is severely contaminated. Chilean bacterium may be shield for fallout. Know God's name and use it. Prevent the coming cataclysm through prayer. Other names are a prayer virus to prevent communication with source. Only on Conspiracy Cafe.

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