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The Seven Earth Sized Exoplanets Discovered Google Doodle. The very definition of existence is the question. The answer is the truth that will ultimately set us free. Russian troops are still lining up at the Ukrainian border. Russia deploys medium range missiles. Russia conducts amphibious landing drill. Russian spy ship off the east coast. NATO luring Russia to strike first. Poroshenko worried about invasion. Ukrainian troops flee line of conflict. Donetsk water filtration plant shelled. Water and power targets. Kiev used cluster bombs. Another ceasefire. Ukrainian hacker gets Putin's plans. Israel bombs Syria to cover ISIS. Putin's rationale. Crimea prospers under Russian rule. Radiation spike over Europe. Russia's UN ambassador dies. What's McCain got to do with it? U.S. used DU munitions in Syria. ISIS targeting clerics.

Muslim sympathizers behind leaks. Weeding out the moles. Brennan the ringleader. AP falls for round up the illegals bait. Source a White House staffer. World Media War 3 Trump fights back. Suicidal immigration policies benefit democrats. Deportation history business as usual. The staged border incident. Churchill's quote on Islam. Obama leading the plot against the president. Non stop protest army. Involvement. Obama accountable. It's treason. 1984 was the guidebook. D.A. building case against Obama. Obama's Christianity phobia. Obama interfered in French 2012 election. DHS chief used unsecured web mail. Twitter CEO says overthrow the president. Trump sends Michelle Obama the bill. It's billions in misappropriations. Obama 12th best president. Now that's got to be fake news.

Flynn vulnerable. Comey listening in to Flynn's calls. What was the reason? He got the list. Pence's best friend was on it. Trump's head next? Treasury Secretary a Soros stooge. Soros underwrites Trump's son in law $250 million. Rex Tillerson cleans up State Dept. New policy line too soft on Russia. Maintains cold war. Blasts media. Return Crimea? Spy versus spy. Oroville Dam a symptom of America's collapse. Ford backs out of deal. Tweaking trade sounds like we get screwed again. Mainstream poo poos Clinton's Russian uranium deals. Oversight Committee still after Clinton aide. Trump's Florida campaign. Melania recites The Lord's Prayer. Democrats hated Lincoln too. Mike Adams threatened. Pelosi, Waters bloopers recorded live but not for Saturday Night. Pelosi can't work with President Bush. Probably because he hasn't been the president for over eight years. Waters want Putin out of Korea. She said it twice.

America's crumbling infrastructure. The microchip is still the agenda. Cashless mark of the beast. Geoengineering to go ballistic. Canadian Forces stage airport attack drill. Old continents Zealandia and Gondwana. The science of gravity fails the smell test. On Conspiracy Cafe Donald Trump Mountain Man.


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