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The world is lining up to face prophetic music on both the international front and the home front. The Ukraine is massing troops on the Donbas front. The Russians perform a SNAP drill as the Ukrainians drill near The Crimea. The stage is still set for conflict. The force of evil is George Soros. He controls John McCain and Canada's Justinian Trudeau. Trump is soft on The Ukraine. Trump upset over Iran's missile test, sends USS Cole. The army prepares for urban warfare in mega cities. China is preparing for war too. Trump speaks the truth we are killers. McConnell can't handle the truth. Obama's kill record tenfold higher than Bush's. The bombing record. Before and after. They love Islam. They bombed them to prove it. Flynn gets the boot.

Muslim government hackers. You don't say. The investigation over DHS hacking. The Yemen leak. Leakers dangerous. 24 refugees arrested for terror. Rahm says chill. Trump Putin call. Obama loots the intelligence files as well as the treasury. Sanctuary Cities Act. Texas Sheriff releases criminal aliens. $27 billion for sanctuary cities. Soros trying for secession. Trump visits CIA killers. FBI's secret powers. Trump's abortion executive order. House Oversight Committee - release the hounds. State Dept. employee posts Trump picture to be fired. Feel the love. NATO's Stoltenberg. UN ambassador sings off key. The night of the generals. Settlements. British parliament nixes Trump. Fight your own wars next time. Impeach Trump. What about the Clinton Foundation? House restores gun rights to vets. Obama's lair.

Machine gun O'Leary. I like him already. Conservative leader's office targeted over vetting criminals. Justin Trudeau is NOT your friend. Fukushima goes off the chart. Oroville Dam has gaping hole. Top Swedish cop says enough refugee violence. Global warming report for climate change fudged. Don't worry; you'll pay $100 billion for the privilege. Trump science adviser says moon landing faked. Wikileaks has the evidence. Physics says space travel impossible. Military lasers to heat 'atmosphere' for surveillance. I bet they mean the dome. European physicists say WTC was controlled demolition. Incentives for planned parenthood hard selling techniques. (If it's your vagina, why does the government have to pay for it; and if the do, why can't they change their mind? If you take the money, how can you claim sovereignty over your body?) Child sex mega bust in California. The 2017 economic risks. Robots to work. People to...Did the Russians find Atlantis? On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Home Front.

When the facts have to be fudged, the goose has to be cooked.

We're the goose by the way.

Posted by George Freund on February 15, 2017 at 9:26 AM 1292 Views