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The heat is on. Trump's border initiative. Trump 'targets' Muslims. The text. Putin warns Trump of coup. The election fraud. Money to Palestine a covert action fund? Food stamp fraud arms ISIS in Mexico. The terrorist database and the good cop who created it. The wall. Mexico is a narco state. Mass resignations at DHS. Trump is penetrated. The protest storm. Soros funded. Soros National Security Threat. Deputy Attorney General fired. Rioters face time in prison. Foxes guard media hen house. Trump declares war on ruling elite. Media circus. Former KGB chief found dead. Intelligence chiefs arrested. ISIS butcher killed. Trump moves pipeline. Putin Trump meeting forecast. Teresa May. GITMO changes leaders. Trump and the U.N. Trump cuts the FAT! No rendition for Poland, Lithuania. Trump's First Week? Jonah's tomb smashed. There will be no sign exept Jonah. The Quebec mosque attack. What we know? Trudeau's popularity sags. Parliamentary motion for Blasphemy law. Fighting escalates in Ukraine. Poroshenko worried. Russia expands Arctic operations. Bulgaria and Romania hotbeds of corruption. Ten companies are hiring. Will there be men again? 9/11 firefighter dies of cancer. Euthanasia while we hold you down and drug you while you scream NOOO! Duterte. Free energy. The MIG-35. Fake Netflix APP. Fake news crackdown. The Edmonia Lewis Google Doodle and the return of Christ. On Conspiracy Cafe Presidential Powers.

Posted by George Freund on February 4, 2017 at 10:48 PM 1086 Views