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As the old TV show Get Smart the shadow government will attempt to Get Trump. There appears to be a kamikaze threat from the air being postulated in the Bessie Coleman Google Doodle. The Russian fleet sails home. It's D+6 and The Donald is on the move. Goodbye to the TPP and the UN. He is working on the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017. In his Inaugural speech did he give the United States of America the boot and return it to the people? He sure said so. The global warming HOAX is sent smoking to space.

Justinian I is censured in parliament for flying in Aga Khan private aircraft, but not being an anti-Trump ringleader. Deep State assassination on Trump. The shipyard plot and Manchurian airport murder. Congressional assistant's children killed in house fire. Black Lives Matter a homegrown ISIS. The CIA assassination plot. Inauguration chaos plot a giant dud. Maybe it was the bikers. Reverse speech revelations. How to deal with fake mainstream. Trump senior administration in The Family cult. The keys to the store. Globalists reform with neocons in Canadian front. Trump's sting. CIA swamp monsters. Destroy the CIA. The end of Obama's order. Commutations and pardons.

Oxfam report the rich getting richer. China dumping treasuries. Central banks too. NO GO Sweden. Mysterious cloud city reappears. Hotel destroyed in avalanche in Italy. Quake cluster sends clear message. Justinian gives laser tech to China. Vice defense chief suspended. Kill switch identified in the brain. North Dakota says it's O.K. to run down protesters. On Conspiracy Cafe it's a new era.  

Posted by George Freund on January 26, 2017 at 10:08 PM 973 Views