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Congress certifies the electoral college. Obama gets his medal. Clinton Global Initiative lays off. DNC hackers found. British Intel notified Americans. Kremlin version. Assange warns CNN. The man of Steele. Orbis Business Intelligence. Inauguration don't count on it. Hoover time. Honey pots. The secret source. Soros Dr. Evil. The infiltration. The awaiting coup. Is there a plot? The warning. Private island PM. Skipping the inauguration. Democrats skipping too. Questions? Merkel skips Davos. D.C. Guard general fired. ISIS cell busted. Coup D'Etat. Bernie will work with Trump. Operation riot. Deep State Trouble. Deep State Defeated. Nostradamus' predictions. Bible Code predictions.

The powerful want war. Obama sends troops to Poland and beyond. WHY? Ukraine fighting escalates. Biden makes last trip. Intelligence warnings. Air defences bolstered. Combat air patrol Baltic. ISIS founding fathers. Mad Dog Mattis. C Span, RT interruptions. Edgogan's Secret Weapon. Ambassadors out. Bill Clinton's hard drive stolen. Assange jokes about the 'hacking.' Ministry of Truth opens. Two state solution. Obama expands powers. Bailed out Fed with billions.

NASA never made space. Under the Antarctic ice. Artic sea ice the same since 1940. Trudeau pilfers $2.6 billion for global warming. Retail crashing. 2017 Collapse. PTSD murders in Nova Scotia the cure TRUTH perhaps. What have we been fighting for? Fort Lauderdale shooter says the government controlled his mind. One victim coded to Navy Yard. Remember the D.C. shooting. William Cooper reported the 9/11 plot and was silenced for it. Secret Law Gazette. Dutch reporters held over MH17 evidence. Ukraine 'safaris.' FREXIT! Istanbul shooting anomalies. Queen almost shot. Satanic Hollywood boycott it. Polio vaccine a major cancer causer. York University professor fired over posts. Freedom of speech my ass. When all hope is gone Conspiracy Cafe.


On August 14, 1975, during a press conference at the Hyatt House in Birmingham, Alabama, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was asked by a reporter:

"Mr. Secretary, we received a report that a Colonel General Michael Goleniewski, who was a Polish Army intelligence officer in World War II, had identified a list of KGB and GRU agents and officers who have since been arrested, tried and convicted.

"The General... also identified you, Mr. Kissinger, as having worked for a Soviet intelligence network - code name ODRA - headquartered in Germany during World War II, at the same time you were a U.S. Army counter-interrogator and instructor in a military intelligence school. . .

"Is this true? And, if not, how do you explain your name being on General Goleniewski's list?"

Posted by George Freund on January 16, 2017 at 2:12 PM 917 Views