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George's decrypts are causing a stir in Turkey. No one reads the graffiti. Some try to erase it. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are the solstice sacrifices this season. The Charles MacIntosh 250th Birthday Google Doodle. 2017 NDAA attacks press freedom. CNN ratings plummet. The history behind journalism as the cause for war ala Rothschild. The top ten conspiracies for 2016. Russian Black Sea crash a missile hit. Russian students deliver 45 tons of aid to Syria. Trumpocalypse. Obama's revenge. Russia's response. Russia story stinks. Russia removed from threat list. Obama threatened war. Kissinger's plan to lure Russia into U.S. war with China. The coming wars from The Atlantic Council. UN revolution for East Jerusalem. Netanyahu under investigation. Obama's birth certificate is a fraud. Sanctuary cities.

Nightmare for Spanish banks. Pension funds raided. France's new bailin bond. Italian banking crisis. Costs soar. Bundesbank gets 'its' gold. Treasuries dumped. Lame duck president. World Trade Falls. Share buybacks all the rage. Car recession. Trump and the Fed. Stay at home kids. Bank of Canada's warning. Trade in Services Act the end of the civil society. Justinian gives away the farm. Obama's kids not his. Underground Prepper. Swedish bank seizes senior's money. On Conspiracy Cafe we descend into CHAOS!

Posted by George Freund on January 4, 2017 at 8:29 AM 1232 Views