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Secrets of Stealth Camping

Published on Mar 29, 2014

Stealth Camping is the act of secretly camping in a public or private area and then leaving without being detected. Used by commandos on secret missions, it has become popular with civilians who dare try it. Stealth camping often has less environmental impact than traditional campground camping. It goes beyond Leave No Trace: BE NO TRACE. You become invisible to humans and wildlife. Stealth camping does not necessarily mean illegal camping.

This video covers:

- Transportation

- Preparation

- Blending in

- Insertion and Extraction

- How to be Invisible and Silent

- Types of Shelters

- Food and Fire

- Footprints

- Infrared Detection and Game Cameras

- Advice from Experienced Stealth Campers

Care of tactical clothing: Hand wash in Tech Wash, which has no whiteners/brighteners The use of normal detergents will make you light up like a light bulb because it has whiteners/brighteners

Walking through water - If you are going to lose your scent in water because you are being followed, or maybe you just trying to move much more stealthily, insert your boot toe first into the water, then insert your second boot toe first into the water. Now instead of just splashing through the water, you glide- pick up your feet only enough to move forward slowly and deliberately, but never breaking the surface of the water with your boot. This allows one to move through a creek near heavy cover of the bank with complete silence.

The Art of Stealth Camping

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