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We are at the brink of total war between the U.S. and Russia. All that is required is the firing of the first shot. President Obama is in meetings today to decide what sort of military response will be applied to Russia and or Syria. Any attack on Syria will be viewed as an attack on Russia necessitating a full and complete response. It could go slow measure for measure which gives you time to bug out or hunker down. Review the Preparation page with the recent additions on duck and cover and fallout. The other choice Russia has is an overwhelming first strike to obliterate the western fascists to dust and hunker down for the response which she can survive because she has a complete civil defense system in place. Russia would win the scenario handily. The decrepit, the dumb, the degenerate will be cleansed from this earth. It could start tonight or over the next few days. However, those of you in the know are in the extreme minority. That gives you time to prepare. Get what you need. Consider relocation. Once air and naval combat commences consider relocation. If a ground invasion occurs, it will most likely be in the Baltic. The politically correct won't be able to hold out long. At that point surrender or the nuclear option will be considered. Another friction point will most likely involve The Ukraine with Russia entering Europe in a pincer strategy. Good luck and God bless. Say your prayers too. Other media are dropping the ball on this one it seems. We play hard ball here at the Cafe.

Sana'a funeral attack victim

Why America is starting WW3? The generals talk. WW3 About to Begin. Russia warns U.S. Putin's Judo. Missiles inserted into Kaliningrad. Russian Syrian prescience official. U.S. mulls covert strikes. Bomber incursion Europe. Bombers Pacific. Nuclear missiles shipped to Mediterranean. Putin's ultimatum. Nuclear warning. Agreement with Erdogan. Russia and China. Russian colors on U.S. planes false flag plot. Egyptian exercises. Heavy armor to Poland. X-37B 500 days in space. Russian spy caught. Funeral strike. U.S. position. Saudi's flee attack. Houthi's hit Saudi base with ICBM. Houthi's hit Saudi tanks. Houthi's hit UAE ship.Houthi's fire on U.S. destroyers. Navy responds. Iran sends ships. American teacher hostage. Saudi naval drill. China mulls North Korean strike. Turkey warns Iraq. Iraq ready to respond. Baghdad warning. Global war without Syrian proxy conflict resolved. ISIS gets free passage from Mosul. RAF pilots ordered to shoot Russian. U.S. on verge to move on Syria. Zhirinovsky warns of nuclear war. Russia test fires ICBM's. The Last 48 Hours. Russian TV war warning IMMINENT! NSC war meeting. Russian decoys.

UAE ship hit with Silkworm missile

Podiumgate. Trump offensive. The true hack. Saudi Princess "Kill the worthless dog." Voting fraud. Election fraud. Trump supporters labeled. Benghazi charges dropped. The Elite's plan for Hillary. Hillary swears like a sailor. Wall St. speeches. Funding ISIS. The groped. CNN SUCKS! German patsy caught. Computer simulation. Breaking out of the matrix. Australia prison farm.

JP Morgan profits off of Italian bank demise. Yuan slides. Total world debt. Cash out in crisis. No he no she or else. On Conspiracy Cafe a Bunker to Bunker Emergency Broadcast ARMAGEDDON!



Posted by George Freund on October 14, 2016 at 9:28 PM 1546 Views