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We call it the left right paradigm. I call it Stockholm Syndrome. We have a litany of crimes and manifestations circulating about our leaders yet we ignore them. We defend them against any of the accusations without even examining them to the slightest degree. You can even say we unreservedly love them. Those are all the classic symptoms of the Stockholm Syndrome. Here at Conspiracy Cafe, we try to deprogram your mind to allow you liberate yourself from the mass psychosis applied to us. It is not an easy task, but the first step is to recognize there is something terribly wrong. Then we can start making it right. 

Syria is fast becoming the focal point of conflict between the western banking syndicate and their enforcement arm NATO and the Russian Federation. Though outgunned, the Russian military is more than capable of giving the NATO coalition a beating they will never recover from even if the lose the war. There will be no winners in this conflict only losers inheriting a nuclear wasteland. It comes like the proverbial thief in the night because media remains selectively silent about what is pertinent. Of course you can change the channel. That decreases the possibility of war greatly. It is a small price to pay. Look at Aleppo and be thankful it has not spread to you yet. Because if you don't deprogram yourself, it will. 


Is Westworld here? The SyNAPSE chip. Do we exist in a computer simulation? Clinton wore a wire at the debate, made hand signals to the moderator, had an earpiece and seemed to have controlled Holt. Hillary's woman 'victim' to Trump's sarcasm a porn star accused of driving a murderer's getaway vehicle. Wikileaks reveals everyone had access to Hillary's server and confirms weapons sales to ISIS. White House watched Benghazi attack via drone live. Clinton insider trading during Greece crisis. Clinton's gave Chinese nuke computers. The FBI's destroyed reputation. Capital losses are legal. BIG BROTHER says no birther issue for Obama. Debate reverse speech. 9/11 bill veto overruled. Former speaker Boehner sold to the highest bidder. Everything is rigged.

Pentagon paid $540 million for Iraq propaganda including fake videos. Syrian diaspora. Cooperation over. Russia's warning. Kerry war hawk. Shadow governments WW3. State Dept. says attack Russia. Syrian Psyops. Russia knows intell targets adds more fighter bombers. U.S. boots on the ground. Covert strikes on the table. Russia deploys long range missiles. Russian embassy hit by mortars. Plutonium deal off. Iraq warns Turkey. Russian clergy brings Christ aboard Russian ballistic submarine. U.S. in communication with ISIS before bombing. NATO losing propaganda war. Maybe lies don't work anymore. al-Baghdadi poisoned. Iranian special forces colonel killed. Arms aid for Ukraine passes. Russian drill in Transniester. The Russian Jihad links to Bin Laden. India shells Pakistan. Unconventional warfare doesn't work

Alicia Machado AKA Miss Piggy - No wonder Hillary has fainting spells.

EU banks on the ropes. Deutsche Bank shares fall. Hedge funds short. The collapse on the horizon. Commerzbank's layoffs. ING too. Anonymous warning. The internet farmed off. The new controllers are police states. Net toys vulnerable of course. Elderly Windsor woman stabbed in the head. Was attacker a Jihadi? Terror suspect poses with Trudeau. Canadian military ID went missing before Ottawa terror. DARPA's lenses good for Manchurian visions. Free yourself from the Stockholm Syndrome on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on October 6, 2016 at 5:11 PM 2645 Views