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Operation Euphrates Shield | Turkish Troops In Syria

 VIDEO: Turkey shows off tanks and soldiers operational in northern Syria

By Chris Tomson - 23/09/2016

Footage has emerged of Turkish troops and armored NATO vehicles active in operation Euphrates Shield, an offensive focused on weakening ISIS and the Kurdish YPG in favor of propping up the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Nevertheless, the Islamic State has destroyed at least 6 Turkish tanks in the past month. Hours ago, news also emerged that ISIS has retaken some 20 villages from the FSA, thus pushing back Turkish-backed rebels to Al-Rai, a border town neighbouring Turkey.

Recently, pictures revealed that the U.S. had also established a military base at Tell Abyad in Kurdish-held northern Syria, even hoisting the American flag on Syrian soil.

This may be a propaganda style film, but Turkey appears to be prepared for a major war in Syria. Russia has sent 3,000 combat troops to Aleppo. The main event may unfold soon. The major factor is with each advance the players are running out of room and may very well be facing each other in mortal combat soon. Prenez Garde as the French say. 

Posted by George Freund on September 23, 2016 at 8:47 AM 952 Views