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Beyond Westworld was a short-lived 1980 television series that carried on the stories of the two feature films, Westworld and Futureworld. It featured Jim McMullan as Security Chief John Moore of the Delos Corporation. The story revolved around John Moore having to stop the evil scientist, Quaid, as he planned to use the robots in Delos to try to take over the world. Despite being nominated for two Emmys (Outstanding Achievement In Makeup, and Outstanding Art Direction For A Series), only five episodes were produced, and only three of them were aired before cancellation.


Jim McMullan as John Moore

James Wainwright as Simon Quaid

Connie Sellecca as Pamela Williams

William Jordan as Joseph Oppenheimer

Severn Darden as Foley

Anne McCurry as Roberta

Judith Chapman as Laura Garvey (pilot only)

Judith Chapman's character Laura Garvey was supposed to be John Moore's companion for the series. Chapman was replaced by Connie Sellecca in the second episode. Sellecca had just come off a successful run as an airline stewardess in the TV series Flying High.

This episode was never aired. It was the final episode as well.

5"Takeover"Don WeisGregory S. Dinallo,
Steven Greenberg,
Aubrey Solomon

Quaid's target is the police officer in charge of the state governor's visit. John and Pamela must stop Quaid and identify the police officer who is actually an android. The officer in charge has a subcutaneous microchip inserted. Take note of some of the stars in the episode Star Trek and Gilligan's Island fans.





SIRHAN SIRHAN (Notice the rice grain like bulge in the upper left photo above the eye)

Also note the left eye in all the subjects is swollen and appears lazy.

The subcutaneous microchip plant (RFID, verichip)

2. History of the subcutaneous microchip

The subcutaneous microchip is not a brand new invention; it's been worked on for more than 30 years, as the testimony of Dr. Sanders shows.

Dr. Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer and an inventor who worked for many governmental organizations and companies such as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyn. For 32 years, he worked in the bio-medical field, focusing on microchips.

In 1968, he takes part to a research project regarding a "spinal bridge" in order to heal a lady whose spine had been severely injured. The goal was to find a solution to link the motor nerves etc...

After spending $1.5 millions in that purpose, it was found that the two places of the human body where temperature changes more quickly are the forehead (just down the hairline) and the back of the hand.

As it had been noticed that the microchip's frequency changes had some effects on the patient's behaviour once the microchip had been implanted in the body, "one" oriented the researches on the possibility to modify human behaviour with the help of the microchip. The microchip could broadcast a signal stimulating different parts of the brain. It was possible, by example, to raise the adrenaline rate, which caused a change of behaviour...

Furthermore, according to the discoveries made by Carl Sanders and his team, birth control can be implemented through the use of the chip. The chip stops the production of hormones in the area of the pituitary gland, which causes an instant menopause. This was studied in India and in other parts of the world. The ultimate purpose of the powers controlling the world is to reduce the global population of 90% : a size that is easier to control, according to them.

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