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The Orthodox knight confronts the Roman king and his vassals. The stage is set for the climactic end of the age. Are you prepared spiritually, emotionally and physically? It's going to come like the proverbial thief in the night. We who know are among a distinct minority.

Russia orders SNAP alert of military. Combat readiness check for September exercise. Russian tanks move into Donbass. Russia bombers and fighter jets deploy to Ukraine border. Anti-air defense systems deployed at Ukraine border. Increase in attacks on Ukrainian forces. Fascist AZOV battalion withdrawn to facilitate surrender of territory or positions. Full scale invasion scenario. WW3 (All links). Turkey invades Syria. Have they gone too far? US in Syria. The risks of Syria. Governments prepare for war. Private Russian military contractors. The Russian warning. But can Americans even read it? Italians in Libya. What are they after? Ever heard of the talking mountain? China draws red line with Japan. Philippines ready for war. Soros' attempt on Russian regime change. Soros runs foreign policy. DCLeaks shut down after Soros leaks. US intervention in Africa. Gaddafi resisted the globalists. The Russian soft war victory. Propaganda history. Propaganda today. The dead reindeer in Norway. The Islamic Trojan Horse plan.

Obama sends Iran $1.3 billion. Was that his pension plan? War with Hillary. Soros owns the left. Hillary's top ten. Hillary's top 20 lies. Dr. Drew you're fired. Clinton Foundation raises price of Epipen over ten fold. Comey the Clinton bitch. The Yogurt billionaire. The Pelosi memo. French leader Clinton means WAR! The October 'surprise.' Clinton Cash revelations. Election to cause CHAOS! Hillary's gun confiscation program. The NWO's super weapons. Defense strategies. Space X rocket crash. Harper quits politics. The pedophile ring of the elites. Louisiana ethnic cleansing 101. Official death squads in The Philippines. Brussels forensic lab fire. No free speech in Greece. Internet to be transferred to global authority. Germans let jihadists into military. The Brexit wall. Canada increases domestic spying. NSO Group the spy of choice. Vet says, I was used.

Central bankers starting to sweat. Bank of Japan and Government Pension Fund buying the assets. Yellen blinks. Motown driven to ruin. ECB doles out to 'select' corporations. Link tax? Green Spain company on the skids. Hedge Fund redemption max out. Mother of all shorts. Apple taxed. Calgary boom town bust. Pemex on life support. On Conspiracy Cafe it's CHECKMATE!

Posted by George Freund on September 5, 2016 at 10:09 AM 1443 Views