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The mysterious 'Q' of Star Trek fame was a name from the creation of scripture. There was a Lost Gospel of Q. Then there was the question of Q. What mysterious force still alters reality? What effects are on the horizon? Are we changing them in the here and now?

Turkey becomes the linchpin as the nuclear weapons are alleged to be moving out and the Russians are moving in. Russians operating from Iranian airbase. The Russian Iranian matrix. Turkey moves across the Syrian frontier. Russian radiological, chemical and biological forces enter The Crimean theater, burn reindeer carcasses in Siberia. Asymmetrical warfare the master plan starts with covert action. Iranian patrol boats approach USS Nitze. Marine gunships in Libya. Neocons in league with Clinton. War is the answer. Russian MASH units move to the front. Putin's new aide taps into global consciousness with a unique device called the Nooscope. Russians adopt economic model outside of central bankers and free traders. That's what we're fighting over. CFR propaganda for a NWO. American journalism leaves the reservation for the NWO. Canada to become a peace enforcer for the western banking syndicate in Africa. So much for glamour boy Justinian. Clinton to destroy Breitbart news. The poll fraud. Is Trump really ahead? Khizr Khan exposed as the Imperial Whizzer on Ashley Madison. Dagneesh photo classic war propaganda. White helmets a front organization. Clinton sex tapes BARF! Al Gore Soros' bitch. St. Petersburg terror quashed. Germany blinked CHAOS in public with Merkel warning.

Obamacare the wooden stake in the heart of the middle class. Deutsche Bank says let it burn and regenerate. Brits court U.S. and China. Australian PM chastised for giving to homeless man. Assange assault? Obama to pass TPP in lame duck Congress to cook your goose. The NSA cyber threat. The Louisiana flood was helped along. UN admits it was responsible for the Haitian cholera outbreak. Yellowstone fish kill. U.S. government sued over nukes to Israel. The DEET assault on your brain to combat the monster of the year Zika. Massive quake in central Italy. WMD's in Toronto for military industrial complex. Scalia was about to implicate Obama in high crimes and misdemeanors. Mexican police execute drug dealers. Canadian soldier found dead. Aaron Driver killed by gunfire. Russian's plasma antenna. Killer wheat. Lawn weed kills cancer. On Conspiracy Cafe we unlock the Quantum Cube.

Posted by George Freund on August 26, 2016 at 8:49 AM 1739 Views