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The world has entered a dark phase. Marine is killing marine in a twisted psychological operation centered in Baton Rouge. From sea to shining sea, the plot thickens. It knows no borders as the Illuminanists cross the great oceans and bring dishonor to the nation and the world. When will the lost join the cause and change the channel once and for all? We must be always faithful to God, our nation and we the people. Striving for the truth and exposing the lies is noblesse oblige. The privileged of knowledge must seed the world. We stand ready.

The horror of the Nice attack obscurred to protect our senses. 

The Nice terror attack a comedy of false flag errors from start to finish. Corporate media fakes the photos while the stage was set with mannequins. Bastille Day film pulled for being right on the money. Was there torture at Bataclan? There were six armed soldiers on guard. Obama invites media central to the White House to initiate the false flag season. Casting call Colorado. Crisis actors for Burlington, VT. Baton Rouge bloodshed as former marine kills former marine and other police. No news fakes this time. Take our word for it. Soros outed on national radio has funding agent or false flag terror. The plot for martial law. Street gangs brought into the U.S. to murder police. The dirty war in Iraqnam. Protesters attack police across the nation. New Black Panthers arming up. The target locations. The summer of CHAOS. Cleveland casting call. Nurse versus cops. Unrest or faked reality.

Terror logic for dummies. Those are mannequins. Vehicles rip and tear flesh to shreds. Seen a few in my day and this isn't it. 

Turkey flies the coup. Erdogan consolidates power. Cui bono? The warnings. Airbase isolated. Who is minding the nukes? Base commander arrested. ISIS action stops. Turkey's nuclear program. China prepares for combat. Warsaw Declaration an act of war. War is not the answer. Russian chopper shot down. The Sunnistan plan. Gulf states fund ISIS. Critical infrastructure being guarded by Islamists. New Years attacks far worse than reported. Move for Libya's bank. FBI Director absolves Hillary. Connected to Clinton Foundation. Will Russia release Clinton E-Mails? Hillary for prison. Bush republicans seal 9/11. Manning suicide attempt. CSIS tries Gestapo tactics. Russian traitor killed in the U.S. Israeli MK says kill Palestinian mothers. IDF Chief rabbi condones rape. CDC and the soda wars. Genderless children. The great financial situation. Central banks bailout markets. EU says superstate. Preparedness yes. On Conspiracy Cafe It's SEMPER FI!

Remember Wag the Dog? Somebody got it right. 

Posted by George Freund on July 20, 2016 at 11:51 AM 1968 Views