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We didn't report on the Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday Google Doodle last June. It was a simple one sentence solution overall. There will be blood. However, is the blood really real? That is open to interpretation it appears. I didn't see the muzzle flash in Baton Rouge. The gun didn't snap back in recoil. There was no blood splatter and did shell casing even eject? The shooting of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling a Soros sponsored color revolution? Police deny Orlando shooting records. FBI wants to know who's asking. Wesley Howell says he trained with Omar Matten. The CIA were out to kill them all. Bill Clinton's impromptu liaison wth Loretta Lynch. Hillary's charges are gone. Was there an Israel connection? Dallas explodes in gunfire. Twelve police were shot five killed. Is it prepping for the total police state? Micah Xavier Johnson Army Resevist and PATSY? The Dallas drills. The crisis actors. The stage set. Philando Castile's charge sheet. Was he supporting the budget shortfall?

There's no blood pool or bullet holes in the vehicles. Is it real or a drill?

Putin wants better ties to the U.S. Sweden set to join NATO. Opposition says U.S. to deploy nuclear weapons. Putin warns Finland on NATO. Putin warns everybody about WWIII. Assad makes friends with Erdogan. Israel shells Syria. Iran threatens to invade Iraq. Just kidding. Mysterious weapons shipments to Libya. We uncover the Turks. They conceal the name of one of the vessels. It's a livestock carrier. Was it biological? Russia sends only carrier to 'ISIS' mission. Jostling navies. Pope tells leaders to STOP funding Syrian war. Russia's new radar. Canadian held in Dhaka attack. Real Syrian reporter killed in action. The Manbij offensive.

Baton Rouge police have his left arm pinned down. The other copper is obscured, but must have the right. What's the rush?

German intelligence chief says 17 ISIS operatives got in. Canada's refugee crisis ignored. Swedish summer concert. Happy raping. Somali's threaten sleepy suburb with Sharia rape. Popular German blogger banned from Facebook for reporting migrant crime stats. Arabic writing on Canadian police car. German politician lies about migrant sex assault for the good of the cause. Thar she blows the British pound bottoms out. Deutsche Bank unglued. The Derivatives Time Bomb. Japanese pension disappear into stocks. Italy's Doomsday scenario. Junk bonds anyone? Run on British property funds. CETA approved by EU. Former nations get no say. Argentine inflation. All's well that oils well. HY O SILVER. Blair pilloried by Chilcot. Saudis did 9/11. When are we going to invade? On Conspiracy Cafe There Will Be Blood!

Was it real? Was it necessary?

Posted by George Freund on July 9, 2016 at 6:57 PM 2140 Views