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From out of the shadows they come in false flag terror, rigged debate, manipulated politics and solid disinformation. What is your best defense? Changing the channel. Eurocrats flip on British MEP's after BREXIT vote. It's the 100th anniversary of The Somme. Our forefathers occupy the land and paid the price. The Eurocrats show their true colors. World's greatest stock market loss. Pound collapses; gold soars. NIRP and the 11.7 trillion dollar wipe out. Italian banks bailed. Exit standoff. FTSE soars. Euro banks crushed. Black Friday. Spanish banks too. ECB 400 billion euro bailout. Other EU nations looking for the exit. SUPERSTATE solution. Who'd have guessed? NIRP mania. Soros profits. Cass Freight Index says it all. It's a long slow grind. Cryptocurrency troubles.

The cards were marked. The dealer was crooked. Britain got out or did they?

Once in 7,000 years the stars align to Revelation. Do we want war with Russia? The Russia New Generation Warfare Study. Canada sends troops to Latvian NATO force. Noble ponds for sacrifice. $416 million for 100 Syrian fighters. You will wonder where the money went. Rapid Trident 2016 in Ukraine. Militants arriving via Turkey. ISIS Operation Erase backfires. Antiquities mined to kill. Dhaka attack. Mogadishu mayhem. Minister killed. Istanbul terrorists had Russian passports. Bomb mastermind eliminated. Orlando update everyone 'died' after SWAT fired. Wound ballistics 101. Taiwan launches missile at China.

Cloud vortex at CERN. UFO enters the rift.

Active shooter call at Obama's transit base. Was an assassination attempt diverted? Supreme Court denies Ottawa shooting info. Diplomats and CSIS fight over information. Justinian seals Afghanistan files. Military Police say FOUL! CIA arms in black market web. Paulson for Hillary. Common chemicals change behaviour. All hail the NWO! Seal killed in Tesla car. Stephen Hawking threatened. Ozone hole healing in Antarctic. Plates rising and falling in California. West Virginia flooding hits old doomsday base. CERN anomaly. Has there been a dimensional shift? Former UN official Arkancided. Conspiracy Cafe receives award. Government preparing for you. 4th of July films still HOT! Faith and Firearms. It's in the Bible. Shadow Warriors on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on July 6, 2016 at 8:55 AM 2007 Views