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SIX giant corporations control the opinion cartel. You are what they make you think. Hillary's for hire. Are her speaking engagements payoffs for future considerations? EgyptAir MS804 What they aren't telling. The Plot Thickens. Canadian sub tracking Russian ones. Told you so. Putin warns Poland and Romania. Russia's satellite missile passes test. Ivan the terminator robot. Crimea for keeps. Poroshenko hires former NATO chief. NATO preparing for war with Russia. How Russia will respond total annihilation. U.S. elite forces gearing up. Canada volunteers cannon fodder. The beginning of the revolution we let it happen. Preppers saying civil war. Remember the best fight is the one you don't get into.

The battle for Fallujah. Syria takes East Ghouta. Residents cut off from food. Russia denies ISIS strike. Russia halts airstrikes kills 28,000 since starting the campaign. Iran key to the fight. Saudi's want them out. Key Iranian general spotted in theater. U.S. covert options. Thousands of criminal aliens released including murderers and rapists. Canada's great debate with the new disease Islamophobia. ISIS to invade Europe by boat. Euro 2016 the ISIS target. Chaos in France over strikes. No gas. Memorial Day weekend violence sets records.

15 officers fired in Malaysia airport migration scandal

Malaysian police nab 14 terror suspects for Daesh links


Deutsche Bank the trigger and the scapegoat. Civil unrest. Debt delinquencies higher than '08. Three jobs little hope. Shipbuilding industry tanks. Russia Sino worries. NIRP the killer. Pemex peso crisis. Share buybacks buoy markets. Australia's big short is upon them. Capital looting of Greece. Whole lot of shaking going on 40 volcanoes erupting. Brexit before it's too late. EU rolls out the propaganda wagon Nudge, Nudge. Saudi's speak on 9/11. Nobody cares anymore. Canada nailed in free trade suit over army truck purchase. Pay for two. Get one. Humanitarian ships proffered for the navy. Russia gives tons of aid in Syria. Tanks deployed on mother protecting her daughter from forced meds. State takes child from mother who kept a clean home and mistreats it to death. NBC says microchip your children. If I could read your mind, I'd be working on DARPA's new project. Pentagon's mind reader. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Vladimir Putin's world.

We see ourselves as rational creatures, Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler point out, but four decades of research show that our choices tend towards the unrealistically optimistic, the status quo and thoughtless conformity. Citing what they call "the emerging science of choice," the authors contend that the framing and presentation of public choices determines the decisions we make: we eat more from large plates, care twice as much about losing money as gaining it and agonize about rare events like plane crashes instead of common ones like auto accidents.

"Choice architecture" can thus guide, or "nudge," people toward making better choices. A nudge, Sunstein and Thaler write, "alters people's behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives...Nudges are not mandates. Putting the fruit at eye level counts as a nudge. Banning junk food does not." The authors dedicate much of the book to practical examples of nudges, detailing how to take advantage of people's tendency to expend a minimum of effort and how to make use of subtle social influences.

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